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(Ryoushinteki) #1

Hey, how’s it going?

Let’s do a full 100% run of the game. 4 players. All different classes. Let’s say, we choose a manufacturer per player. Let’s spice it up a bit further and let’s each choose an element. Then let’s each choose 1 legendary weapon per classification of whatever manufacturer we decided to go with.

For example, I choose Mordecai, then I choose Hyperion and then I choose the corrosive element. Now I have to choose what legendary I will only use for my snipers, What legendary I will only use for my pistols, so on so forth.

Have ideas? Interested in giving it a go? Comment below and help me put something together.

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(Geomason) #2

So what you mean is a new game with all 4 new characters? Lot’s of commitment needed then, and time difference would be an issue. But I like the idea. I would pick Brick then, electric Brick to be precise.

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(Ryoushinteki) #3

Yeah, lots of commitment and things to work out. Worth a try anyway.

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(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #4

I would be all over this. Tho, I’m AFK more than most, imo. With the kiddo’s running around, it would be difficult to stay committed to the co-op. sounds like a lot of fun tho.

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(Geomason) #5

We can do maybe 2-3 hours during weekends ? Just need to fugure out timing.

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(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #6

I can swing that. I’m an early riser, so most of my solid gaming time is am to early afternoon. like 7am till 10am if I’m lucky.

(Geomason) #7

Okay, so it’s 9 hour difference with me, works for me as well then, cause it will be right after dinner time.

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(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #8

I’m flexible. for an event such as this. I would set my alarm if I need to be up earlier. I’m dedicated. :sunglasses:

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(Ryoushinteki) #9

Awesome. I’m early riser as well. I have 4 kids so I won’t always have a lot of time but I can swing it. Even if we can’t line it up every time, no big deal. We all have lives.

If you guys have more ideas to go with the playthrough feel free to add.

Also, my steam name is therealryoushinteki

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(Geomason) #10

Cool, we need 4th player now…

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(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #11

I copied and pasted, there isn’t anyone on Steam by that name.

(Ryoushinteki) #12

I’ll get on the computer in a minute and see what’s up.

(Ryoushinteki) #13

Just search Ryoushinteki and you should find me

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(Geomason) #14


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(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #15

done. :acmaffirmative:

so I’m thinking of an Atlas Roland. :blush: S&S Roland sounds cool too. idk…

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(Ryoushinteki) #16

Sweet. Added both. Now we wait for a fourth haha.

(Geomason) #17

Bump, 4th player were are you?

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(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #18

I reached out to an old friend on Steam to see if he’s down to roll with us. Since no one is stepping up, I’m reaching out. lol

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(band) #19

Dang, you guys are really pushing hard for this. It sounds cool, and I’d be down to clown but I think I’ve proven enough times that I’m not much of an early riser, EST. I bet you could find a more reliable 4th, and if you do you should totally run with them, but I’d be down for a S&S Lilith, if she’s what’s left.

On the “1 legendary weapon per classification” thing, isn’t that already covered by the manufacturers themselves? Each manufacturer has one pearlescent, and one legendary per weapon class. S&S’s repeater is the Gemini, their Machine Pistol the Thanatos, Orion/Sniper, etc. Or are you bundling repeater/machine pistol/revolver together?

(Ryoushinteki) #20

Honestly bill, I thought there was more than that. I never really thought about it.

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