4 player Couch Co-Op

All the videos of the 4 player Couch co op have been just people just standing around or just discussions of how good it is but I NEED GAMEPLAY!!! Just go to bloodshot stronghold and prove it’s not gonna be just like it’s last gen counterpart or WORSE!!! Anyone else feel the same?

Found some gameplay here http://www.gamespot.com/videos/couch-co-op-and-tons-of-dlc-in-borderlands-the-han/2300-6423729/

Ahh it looks smooth… Most of the time…

1.33 :someone uses a corrosive cat o nine tails. doesnt that only come in fire?

lol… after reading your comment, but before opening the video, I was sure it was just gonna be Nisha + Trick Shot + Splitter… nope. Clearly Wilhelm shoots it and Nisha is level 16, so can’t access Trick Shot.