4 player trick gone... Seriously?

Why was this taken out? Was this really something that bothered people?

It was literally the only dependable way to farm chubbies. Now I’ll never get that Godfinger I need >.<

I know this isn’t a big deal for PC since they have the difficulty slider. And not a big deal for next gen since they have 4 player local anyways. So basically this is just a slap in the face to last gen players… Great.

Creature Slaughter Round 1 and Hallowed Hollow are still great as both feature a ton of forced Badass Spiderants. And Frostburn Canyon. That one’s good too. Shame new replies have to remind me of that.

But it is pretty annoying.

Say it aint so. How will I enjoy a good bug riot now? Guess I will just have to start playing in Windoze instead of linux and check out that slider. Playing dingdongditch at Hyperius’ door was getting old everytime I was on my way to Caustic or Farmhouse.

Bugs exist to be fixed. Just because one comes out in your favour doesn’t mean that it wasn’t the result of buggy code somewhere. That got fixed.

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It got fixed because it was a glitch. That’s a good thing. I’m happy most of the glitches are now fixed, including the 4 player glitch and the merging of weapons, along with all the other smaller ones. I’m extremely thankful for this huge patch we got so late in the game’s life cycle. However, I’m not happy with the fact that they fixed the 4 player glitch without implementing a difficulty slider for consoles or increasing the chance of spawning Vermivorous/OOO in single player. That’s the true problem here, not the fact they fixed the 4 player glitch. The glitch just happened to be a way around the issue.


Tubbies spawn often enough in Frostburn without this trick in effect, same for LLM’s.

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This is exactly true.

Ever since I started playing BL2 I’ve been trying to hand farm every gun in the game. I only have 3 left that I need. This patch made 1 of them a little easier (Cobra) but the other 2 exceptionally harder… (Godfinger and Twister)

I think I’ll probably just give up I guess.

Don’t give up! I’ve had OOO spawn on 3 occasions when I was not trying , once in normal mode, and have gotten a wanderlust (lvl 72) and god finger (op8) w/o using the 4 player trick. OOO spawn rate never seemed as bad as Vermi.

I’m pretty much done trying to farm a Twister without the 4 player glitch.

I wanna try spawning Vermi solo without the 4-player trick, but I don’t have the time at the moment. Who knows? Maybe they did something to the spawn rate after all. The only time I got Vermi to show up was in UVHM, using the 4-player glitch and it still took him over an hour to spawn. I never got him to appear without the glitch.

Yes, it was annoying to have slag vanish in a matter of seconds after applying it for the rest of the run after passing Hyperious’ gate. And I have never used the glitch to farm, but get Tubbies all the time. So stop your moaning.

i never used the 4 player glitch for anything and never had a problem finding tubbies in the dust, i just have really bad luck with the tubbies dropping anything i want, lol

Dont give up. @Motofreakz posted this video https://youtu.be/queNMjucVoo in a different thread about OOO and I found it very helpful

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  1. If you’re going to tell someone to quit moaning, you probably shouldn’t moan about something in the same breath.

  2. At least with the slag thing there is something the player can do to combat the issue. There’s nothing the player can do about this. On next gen and PC there is things they can do to combat it, but not on last gen, which makes it worse.

  3. I still get chubbies too, that’s not the issue. The run I do would produce 2-4 every run with the 4 player trick, no questions asked. Without the 4 player trick, it averages 1 every 2 runs. My farming time is getting multiplied 5-6 times over which is ridiculous. It already took long enough with the ridiculously low drop rate of the UVHM2 Pearls.

And all the people saying “oh I still get chubbies”. There’s a slight difference between the 50-100 that normal chubby farmers have killed in their careers and the literal 1000’s I’ve killed trying to get these guns. Knowing its going to take 5 times longer is a giant kick in the junk.

Yup I did this method for about 7 hours total and have gotten 2 Spawns but 0 Twisters or even legendaries. The 4 player glitch was on as well.

It would be different if the Twister was a guaranteed drop from the spawn… Then the incredibly low spawn rate would be fine, unfortunately that isn’t the case.

If I had more time to play this game I might keep attempting but for now it just is too tedious and makes the limited time I have not enjoyable so I will just try and see if I can trade someone for one.

What platform are you on?

Xbox One

I’m on 360 or I’d trade you one

I was complaining about the pre-patch glitch. And telling people that they should be happy it’s gone. Because if you need a glitch to play this game, that’s sad. They intended Tubbies to be rare, y’all. Get over yourselves and your “right” to easy loot. The fact that this game is playable and fun at OP8 is a testament of how well this game is balanced. If literally everyone had a Norfleet and a Bekah and a Twister and a Quasar, it would not be balanced. That is why OOO, UBA Varkids, Tubbies, and Vermi are so excruciatingly hard to spawn and farm. Because their drops are, for the most part, the best items inside of the game. Hence, they were made harder to find. The same reason the Interfacer is hidden behind Voracidous, and I don’t see people calling for him to be debuffed.
As a side note, I have a friend who got a Pearlescent from a locker in Sanctuary. So trust the non-glitched game to give you the RNG you want.