4 things Borderlands 1 does better than 2

(sono2351) #21

I like the humor, but to a point. At some point in BL2, the story seems to take a back seat to how shiny and tongue-in-cheek BL2 is.

(Bam) #22

weapon aesthetics was done better in 1 than 2 imo and brand gimmick didint effect weapons as much as in bl2

less forced humour

atlas and sands still exist

replayability of a map editor

bl2 -

better etechs

better skills and more varied builds

HD graphics and varied player customisation

bigger money cap and more fast travel options

(Matrixneo42) #23

Destiny lacked a lot of humor until the Taken King and then Destiny finally started to appeal. Taken King did Destiny a LOT of good.

The DIvision is very bleak so far. Not much humor yet (except for this one quest giver who is very… existential). But generally it makes me appreciate the formula of Borderlands even more. Loot, humor, cool art style, good classes. And more.

Money in Borderlands always ends up not mattering. Once you play enough. Though PreSequel made it more relevant by having more frequent, but expensive, legendaries in the vending machines.

Challenge. In all Borderlands there are bosses and areas I went to, too early and got my ass handed to me. Sometimes I made it through. Othertimes I had to go do side things for a bit and come back. And I felt like BL1 actually had a more tricky situation regarding side quests. You can easily end up overleveled in it.

Exploration? You might be right. Part of it sometimes was quest markers that weren’t all that useful.

(Rninl8) #24

I still play Borderlands. I don’t play BL2 much. Not surprising few are talking up the other bits.

I really hope BL3 feels like BL1. What I’ve wanted for years is more missions in BL1, you look off in the distance and wonder, what the heck is over there. When I look around BL2, nothing.

I just wish there were a few more people that feel as I do.

(sono2351) #25

I agree with you 100%. There are places in BL1 where you can tell they were going to add more but instead had to wrap things up. For a BL3, they should definitley go back to what made BL1 so great, from the weapons system to the more open feeling of exploration of that game.

(Is this thing on?) #26

I’m curious to know in what way you feel BL1 had more of an “open feeling of exploration”? My own highly subjective and personal experience in terms of exploration is that the games are about the same. From an art perspective, I’d also suggest that the maps in BL2 are more open and expansive (think skybox).

As for the weapons system, everything I could say about that has already been said much better by the creator of both BL1 and BL2 weapons systems. I won’t shed a tear over the BL1 weapon system, although I hope there’s some improvement on the BL2 system for BL3.

(sono2351) #28

This is in reference to the previous comment which I was responding to, that I agree with: “I really hope BL3 feels like BL1. What I’ve wanted for years is more missions in BL1, you look off in the distance and wonder, what the heck is over there. When I look around BL2, nothing.”

(Is this thing on?) #29

It’s odd, because I’ve never got the feeling that there’s less in BL2 than BL1. In terms of actual numbers, here’s the breakdown for main game only (no DLC or headhunter expansions):


  • 10 maps
  • 46 story missions
  • 80 side quests


  • 17 maps
  • 19 story missions
  • 90 side quests

Those map counts don’t include side areas off main maps that aren’t accessible by fast travel (e.g. Friendship Gulag isn’t listed separately from The Dust; Sledge’s Safe House isn’t listed separately from Arid Badlands, etc.) Some of the individual maps in BL1 certainly seem larger, but I’m not sure there’s a huge difference on average? I don’t know - the feel of a game is very definitely a subjective thing, and you can’t capture that in numbers!

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #30

The main thing I don’t like about the BL2 weapons are the scopes. When you look through them, you don’t have a visual reference (circle) that shows the accuracy of the gun, as you do in BL1 and many other FPS games. It makes aiming down the scope an unsatisfying experience for me…so I just always end up using hyperion shotguns.

(Is this thing on?) #31

Hadn’t noticed that until you pointed it out. When hip-firing in BL2, the cross-hairs (or whatever applies to the specific weapon) generally do the expected thing. Also, they do the accuracy recovery thing after you’ve been sprinting. About the only thing you get when ADS with a scope is the sway. Now I’m curious to know why that is!

(Yes, really.) #32

Hah, so late, but I just played through Borderlands 1 for the first time, and coming from Borderlands 2 I know what I like about Borderlands 1 better;

1- Exploration is better encouraged, and you spend more time looking at the world around you. This mainly comes down to a feature I hated as a kid, but come to love now- no minimap. When you have a minimap, people are going to stare at it, and not get lost accidentally, therefore exploring the map a bit more and running across things that spike their interest, like the many chests or an unexplored area.

2- You do quests feeling like an actual mercenary, not a vault hunter. I know the vault is real, but it really made me feel immersed in the idea that I’m a mercenary with a dream of a vault of riches, doing missions for money and continuing on when the money dried/something more important came up. But a major thing with these side quests was that it felt like everything you did had consequences. In the second game, you often go kills stuff and maybe grab something. But then it was done, that was it. With 1, you do quests, and they have consequences. As a very good example, look at the quests you get from Marcus in New Haven, you help him out with his business, and you two accidentally angered a warlord bandit who wanted to exterminate New Haven, so you and Marcus fix your mistake. This isn’t the only quest that does this, just the best example I could think of off the top of my head.

3- Playing as the Siren, I felt the game just letting me have fun, with the main quest not pushing me along it’s linear path, and I died very rarely (probably since I did all the bounty board stuff) but when things got tough and I did die, I could understand far better than just having bad gear- the first one leaves the problems you face entirely to player accidents more so than the second, where you die for not playing the numbers.

Sorry for the ranting style argument, I’m very bad at writing essays that stick to the point.

(Matīss Lociks) #33

1- I think that exploration feels better in BL1 because of smaller scale, so you don’t get overwhelmed in a huge complicated space that are present in BL2. That’s the generalized reasoning, but there are details to add to that. I think that first 2 big areas(Southern Shelf and Three Horns Divide) are setting up many hours of playtime in row that discourages exploration and sets a bad tone going forward. Southern Shelf feels smothering because you have to battle through every few inches to get anywhere, Three Hords Divide feels smothering because upon entering it with vehicle you end up in middle of huge confusing area.

(Megaton A) #34

I just finally started playing BL1 a couple weeks ago after probably around 1000 hours into BL2 over the years. The biggest annoyance to me is the lack of a mini map. Instead of getting lost accidentally, I find myself just opening the map every 10 seconds to make sure I’m going the right way. That just slows the game way down and isn’t fun. Plus I don’t need to be forced to get lost to explore… if I want to explore I will. And I always do explore every area at some point, usually thinking “There’s got to be a red chest over there somewhere.”

Honestly, I’m enjoying BL1… it’s a great, fun game. But it almost feels like a tech demo to me in comparison to the second game. The UI seems really archaic, there’s little to no variation in the environments (“Oh, another brown desert area. How exciting.” that said I haven’t finished the game or done any DLC yet so maybe it gets better), there’s no way to examine the weapons to get a good look at the parts, there’s very little variation in the grenades like there is with other weapons (meaning I see the exact same grenade mod drop over and over again), there’s very little voice acting, story, or even personality… don’t get me wrong, I’m not just trashing on the game. Like I said, I do enjoy it. And it was the first of its kind, so of course it’s going to be more basic than the others… I guess it’s just weird to me after seeing purists for years saying “Borderlands 1 was better” then finally playing it and thinking “What are these people seeing that I don’t? The sequel improved in nearly every facet.”

(Matīss Lociks) #35

Guns. BL1 have different engame. Instead of farming bosses you’ll farm armory/crawmerax for tons of loot at once. And the parts system ensures that you’ll keep getting upgrades to guns. Then there are ultra rare and powerful pearlescents out there.

DLCs in general in BL1 are big step forward towards BL2 style storytelling, except Moxxi’s.

(Pgunn01) #36

I just played through Borderlands 1 (after trying the two other main games and Tales). Loved it; the engine feels a bit dated, but the game generally ages quite well. Some thoughts on this post:

  1. I think the writing is much better in BL1. It’s mostly the characters; in BL1 characters like Scooter were less cliche; later incarnations were almost a bad parody. Ditto for most other characters - they tried too hard to make everyone into a running joke (and those catchprases).
  2. The maps in BL1 are more interesting. This may be a game engine limitation, but there were several maps that were insanely tall in BL1 or that otherwise had neat shapes; BL2 felt like most maps were trying to be a fighting arena
  3. I didn’t realise it until I played BL1, but a lot of elements of the later two main-series games were pretty derivative.

I don’t regret enjoying BL2 and BL:PS; looking forward to see what BL3 is like when it’s released.

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You should have titled this 400 things. Cause like…there’s so many things…