4 Vault Hunters, 4 Borderlands Games, 2 days a week, 4 hours a day, on twitch, think about it!

Hi! I’m Liam, a borderlands addict from Spain, and it’s been a while since I wanted to do a run of all the borderlands games, the idea is to be always the same 4 players, meet online twice a week to play for 4 hours and stream it on twitch ( I have the affiliate so maybe we get some views).
so, yeah, for now we’re two players and our preferred schedule is saturday and sunday morning (Spanish timezone), from… idk let’s say 9 to 13 or something like that.
but we’re open to suggestions if you’re willing to join!
We would start with the enhanced edition of the first game, then the second, then the pre-sequel, then mid-week I would stream tales, and finally we would play the third, at least that’s the idea!
feel free to ask whatever questionscome to you mind!
and nice to meet you!

Welcome to the forums! This sounds like a hoot, but whenever I think of doing something like this… I can’t guarantee that I’ll be available at those times consistently, and I don’t want to be a flake.