4 ways Gearbox could have fixed the game's flaws

  1. At the start, immediately allow the player to toggle off popup hint boxes which explain mechanics already done in BL2.

  2. After the player beats the main game, they unlock a mystical tome which lets them add a brand new character leveled up ready for tvhm.

  3. When the player completes a mission, they can opt (via the quest logue menu) to warp to the turn-in location as they please.

  4. Player can buy moonboots at a small stand at Concordia , which increases their sprint speed by 25% while not in combat.


I support this :grinning:

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There are people playing TPS who haven’t played BL2. That’s why they gives us the option to turn off tooltips.

While I would love this for all the BL games (this isn’t TPS specific) I can see why GB would never do this. This is an ARPG, where a big chunk of the journey is spent building your character through combat. Having a ready made character for beating normal mode would diminish that aspect, and as the developers, GB does have the right to emphasize that aspect by not allowing such a thing to happen.

GOD YES PLEASE! They really went a bit overboard with the “run to the end of the map then run back to the beginning” type of missions in TPS.

Isn’t there a moxtail for that?

  1. You can turn them off in the options

  2. I would like this. In BL2 I wanted most characters at max level and the whole NVHM and TVHM repetition gets kinda old. In TPS I’m not even going to bother trying. I would say that this option should probably only exist once UVHM pack has been released instead of being part of the vanilla game, though.

  3. I would rather just have the map / quest / turn-in location design be made in such a way that turning quests in is fast and easy instead of making you jump through hoops for it.

  4. Double jump boosting makes you move faster than just sprinting. I don’t think being able to move from one confrontation to the next faster is what the game should have. The problem is that the confrontations are rather scarce, the game needs more enemy density.

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I disagree with most of this. I like the game the way it is. As far as being able to teleport to the mission turn in location after mission completion is an interesting concept. But, all you have to do is save/quite. load back up and you’re at a travel station typically. you can then travel to mission turn in location. :wink:

Have a character fully leveled for TVHM after completing Normal play through is plan lazy in my opinion. it’s structured this way for a reason. I could elaborate on this quite a bit, but there are threads in here that have stated much of the same.


I disagree with numero dos but your third point… Why isn’t that already in the game. You have to run all the way to one side of Triton flats to pick up a quest, you need to get to the other side of the map for the objective, except your buggy gets destroyed and you have to run, and you run out of oxygen so you can’t boost anymore etc. As you can probably tell, I have bad experiences in games. A lot

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me too

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