40+ million damage insta delete Graveward

Ion cannon is a bit ridiculous and this isn’t even a 2 x version.

Requires rerouter or version.0m with cryo, rad or fire ase. Same with a grenade but don’t stack the same element. Class mod is a +5 violent momentum either infiltrator or antifreeze work. Artifact anyanything with heavy damage or aoe damage.
Fire ion cannon this has 125% splash ase


do you know what the maximum charge time is?

This is more about the +5 to VM and the ASE stacking then it is the ION cannon. With such a COM the same thing would happen with Scourge, well you don’t even need that crazy of a com for Scourge actually.

yeah fire quickie/hedgehog will gib m4 ward in same conditions as well

I know you can kill him with tons of different methods but this is by far the quickest. I’ve used the hive jumping off the cliff to take him down to about 15% hp.

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With only 5/5 VM, you can kill him in one shot as long as you don’t miss(on the fall) on a 2x Ion without any prep time or other skills. Not sure about single ion,… (don’t have any)