43/43 Locations in Promethea Achievement not unlocking [Xbox One]

Hello is there a known problem with some achievements not unlocking ?
Ive already explored every location in promethea and still dont got the achievement

yeah… today i unlocked a new location on eden - 6 and now the achievement unlocked.

thx gearbox

Yes, it seems to be a somewhat common issue. Some people on Trueachievements.com say that sometimes a location won’t register even though it pops up on your screen so you have to visit it again later.

And, on Xbox at least, the achievement for getting all the other achievements is completely broken and hasn’t unlocked for a single person yet.

Somehow i have the achievement for all locations. but not the one for just Promethea. Don’t know how that works but. ok

I have the same problem

Hi, I had this problem too but managed to get it to unlock upon entering lectra City. Seems that it counts for the cheeves but not for the 43 /43 I have my suspicions that these problems are caused by the fact that some map details ‘stick’ from your normal mode playthrough when you then go to TVHM but others don’t, so the progression is all messed up.

Try going to lectra City, I’ll cross my fingers for you.