45 min circ of slaughter....whaaa

Heres my, wasnt going to post, well post

On top of the matchmaking initializing, and game after game of only me and one other person… finally got into a 4 person slaughter

Only to waste 45 mins of rakk BS to have the very last and i mean LAST enemy rakk to glitch out through the wall into nothingness…

We saw the red maker litterally go further and further, until nothing

Please o please fix this, not that it probably a huge loss from whatever green/blue cosmetic drop i allready know

But just felt cheated and wasted my time i could have been doing something else productive in the game


I remember running to the end of digistruct peak in BL2 only to have a surveyor get stuck or glitch off the map. But yeah it seems things like this should be corrected before release.

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worlds worst easter egg.

At least with digi you could resort to a norfleet or in some cases a magic missile.

True but not always. Had moments it was to far away.

like who cares does doing arena really feel like a chore to you? the damn reward is effin money… money ffs. that is all you did not get some 90k in game money. who plays arenas to get the money reward.

It does depending on the drops, im still trying to figure how the matchmaking works, one game super easy , next game its taking all my ammo to take down one rakk

Depends on which mayhem mode is on and what modifiers

Arenas are fun and slaughter shaft can fill the map with legendaries after just 20 minutes.

O snap ok, where can i view the mods?

Go to challenges and read the modifiers

Easy enough, thanks

Its all about the challenge and drops. :dizzy:

you can use ground attack on armara skill ,atlas gun by shoot magnet in to it,or just sniper to shoot it. its work sometime .

This is ridiculous the same exact thing just happened again

I dont even bother with playing any of the arenas right now because the few times I tried I had every single attempt ruined by glitching enemies stuck in the walls.

@Hexxusz0r : The reward for Slaughterstar 3000 and Cistern of Slaughter is Cosmetics. Each wave has an optional objective (barrel kill, melee kills, grenade kills, kill with Tedior guns, etc) and each completed objective results in a loot-splosion (up to a max of 5). These extra loot-splosions contain a (relatively) large number of cosmetics.

The Slaughter Shaft I’m not sure, I only go there to farm the legendary items (oh yeah, it drops a lot of legendary items compared to the other two, not as many as boss farming - 20 drops isn’t unusual) so I don’t bother with the optional objectives.

lol just do the damn thing over again then, who cares you gonna get the damn cosmetic? and then what never touch the arena again? cmon bruh. if you play bl3 for rewards not gunplay you won’t play long and no matter what devs do will change that.

i could not give a toss about that stuff i will go and do area 200 times weather i can complete it or not, because i go there to test my builds and guns not for completion to get some skin i will never use.

You said the reward was money. That was incorrect. I responded in case you didn’t know. You know, just to be nice.

As for the rest, I’m sorry you’re not enjoying the game. I hope your next one is more engaging for you.

oh i am enjoying the game just fine, people who whine about not being able to complete the arena because one mob glitched out and now they wanna refund the game don’t :smiley: and i have pity on them.

so you pity people who have a warranted complaint about gamebreaking glitches thinking they are the problem? I m not sure I follow…

Also people play Borderlands for various reasons. Gunplay is just one of them and I assume everybody likes the gunplay because that is literally the ONLY activity in the game. I dont believe anybody EVER played Borderlands for the story.

If you want your players to stick around after they played everything thats available then you need to offer them some incentive to do so. A reward program or system to keep em playing. Last time I checked the players didnt simply assume BL3 would have a massive endgame and incredible replayablity. They are simply calling Gearbox out for not delivering on those announcements.

If you are “happy with the gunplay” then good for you. These complaints are coming from people who care to look a little “deeper” then you do.