479 people playing Battleborn right now

I feel like my gut just got torn out…

There just seems to be an abundance of Bad Timing in everything BB lately.

The MT’s aren’t an evil thing, just bad timing.

The game needs trading, we feel neutered when our friends need something we actually have and can’t give them.

With at least 80 friends on Steam who only play PvE, we all would like to be able to join a game that is not full.


Yes many of us are moving on to other things. Once you reach CL 100, there is not much to stay for. Leveling up other characters every now and then but it does not sustain interest. Loot is weak. No XP. Maps that don’t change. Devs are more interested in PVP than PVE.

Went back to BL2 last night. Had a blast. None of the characters were nerfed. All the loot worked.

I will play occasionally but not like the 440 plus hours I had in the last few weeks.


The Euro’s are on this week too. This will pull many away from the game in Europe.
Football, for you non-sporty types.

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Moving onto other things is correct, I’m only really returning to Gearbox for Borderlands 1/2/Pre and till they finally release Borderlands 3. Like you said, once you reach CL100, really not much to stay for.

Battleborn is just a rotting corpse now. Even on console it takes nearly half an hour to find a match. Once some other game I was looking forward to comes out Battleborn will just be another Alien:CM, a bad memory.


It’s insanely mean saying those kinds of stuff, considering the strong fanbase this game has. “I’ve never had this much fun with any other multiplayer game! I bought this game and never looked back.” And so on… It’s sad really. It is dying, it’s on life support and who knows it could turn over and things will be fine but… yeah lol.

Enjoy your time with this game while you can. Until the day comes, keep fighting the good fight badasses ;D

1:45 est there are slightly more than 900 people playing now.
Feel a bit better, will go ahead and launch the game. :blush:

I hope it turns f2p b4 the game is completely dead ,but considering that evolve is still not free.I highly doubt it.

2K wont allow that.

Yeah i thought so i’m still wondering why didnt they turn evolve in to a f2p.A f2p game is way more profitable than a dead game.Their rep is already ruined anyway.

If they allowed in game currency as well to acquire the skins it wouldn’t have been such a big problem.
it turned a large group of people away. could of given people at rank 100 with their favorite characters at 15 something to do before they release more content. oh well, it’s the way of things.


“” Battleborn is just a rotting corpse now. Even on console it takes nearly half an hour to find a match. “”

Not true for Xbox One/Europe. 40min ago it took 25sec to get a full team of 5 players for a PvE mission on normal. I play alot and matchmaking needs 2 - 5min to gather a full team for incursion or any PvE-mission. I don’t play capture and meltdown alot so i don’t know whats going on there.

Sometimes if you feel that it takes longer during the matchmaking process just leave and restart matchmaking … that helps.

On Xbox, while I do have long queues sometimes, the longest for me has been about 15 minutes in Meltdown.

Also, to the OP, at the time of posting, in the United States where this game was mostly played it was 7am EST, and anybody that is up at that hour is either going to work or school.

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cool. I’m on XB1 and never have issues with teaming up with randoms.

I’ve seen so many people beat this same very dead horse to the point where there are enough shoe prints to measure every size and gender.

I almost don’t want to come back Battleborn’s section of this forum.
Which leaves me with… Borderlands 1 and Off Topic to go to…


…Still a fan of the first title.
If you look at my Steam profile Gbox games are all I play.
Truly a fan and anything I post in these forums comes from the heart.