47's Ongoing Wishlist - Haves and Wants within (updated 3/12)

This started as a normal H/W topic but for the sake of organization I’ll simply begin updating this topic regularly with trade requests.

F= Fire
S = Shock
Cs = Corrosive
Cr = Cryo
R =Radiation

Anoints and other things of note or COM/artifact bonuses are in parentheses, and I try to list element first. Compiled this list on my phone so it’s not optimally formatted.

Looking for level 53 versions of:

Hellwalker (+300% Phaseslam) (this is my #1 most wanted at the moment)

Headsplosion (gamma burst)
Cs Skeksil (gamma burst)
R Flakker (SNTNL cryo 100%)
Trick Unforgiven, scopeless, +432% crit (ase weapon damage +100%)
Butcher (Fire or cryo, IB next 2 mags +125% fire)
Redistributor (Cryo, IB next 2 mags +125% fire)
Cs Lump (ase +125% splash damage)

Spring Epicenter (+25% damage on grenade thrown)

Mind Sweeper (with +1 Redistribution and +4 Fire in the Skag Den, +mag size and any two of +Weapon damage, +Hyperion or Maliwan damage/crit/fire rate, +splash damage)

Last Stand Victory Rush (+shotgun damage, +Jakobs crit, +action skill cooldown)


General anointed weapons

Alchemist (ase 125 splash)
Bangstick (x18, ase 50 fire)
Brainstormer (ase 100)
Brainstormer (ase bonus corrosive)
F Butcher (ase 50 corrosive)
F Butcher (ase 125 badass)
S Butcher (ase 125 badass)
Cs Cutsman (ase 125 splash)
The Companion (ase 100)
F Conference Call (ase 125 badass)
Craps (ase 100)
R/Cr Destructo Spinner (ase 125 badass)
F/Cr Devoted (ase 125 splash)
Flakker (ase 100)
F Flakker (ase 100)
Gatling Gun (Gatlin’, ase 50 fire)
S Heart Breaker (ase 100)
Hedgehog (blue, x2, ase 100)
Infinity (ase 100)
Cr Ion Cannon (ase +125% splash damage)
R/Cr Ion Laser (consecutive hits)
R/Cr Ion Laser (ase 50 fire)
S Kaos (ase 125 splash)
Cr Lob (ase 100)
R Lob (ase 100)
Cs Lob (ase 100)
S Lob (ase 125 badass)
F Lucian’s Call (consecutive hits)
F Lump (x2, ase 50 fire)
R Lump (x2, ase 125 splash)
Cr Lump (blue rarity, x2, ase 125 splash)
F Lyuda (ase 50 fire)
F Lyuda (ase 125 badass)
R Lyuda (ase 100)
Maggie (ase 100)
F Malak’s Bane (ase 100)
R/Cr Projectile Recursion (x2, +50 <25% health)
F Rowan’s Call (consecutive hits)
R S3RV-80S-EXECUTE (ase 50 shock)
Shredifier (5% smg/reload on kill)
Smart-Gun XXL (ase 100)
Stagecoach (x21, ase 100)
R/Cs Trevonator (ase 100)
R/Cr Trevonator (ase 125 badass)
Cr Vanquisher (ase 100)
Wedding Invitation (ase 100)
Wedding Invitation (ase 125 badass)
Wedding Invitation (ase 50 fire)
Wedding Invitation (ase 50 corrosive)
S/Cs Westergun (x2, ase 125 splash)
Zheitsev’s Eruption (ase 50 corrosive)


Combat Ready Big Boom Blaster (ase rad)
Metabolizing Front Loader (ase 13% dmg reduction)
Contraband Messy Breakup (ase 13% dmg reduction)
Messy Breakup (ase 13% dmg reduction)
Saboteur Messy Breakup (ase rad)
Saboteur Messy Breakup (ase shock)
Buckler Re-Charger (ase rad)
Iron Maiden Rectifier (ase cryo)
Challenger Red Card (ase cryo)
Rico (ase skill cooldown 20)
Targe Stop-Gap (ase cryo)
Transformer (ase 50, in every element)
Hypodermic Stop-Gap (ase damage reduction)


Nagata (25 ogt)
MIRV Hex (ase corrosive)
Cloning Maddening Tracker (25 ogt)

Class Mods

Phasezerker (+mag size, +Jakobs crit damage, +Dahl damage)
Nimbus (+2VTap/+3Temp, +shotgun dmg, +heavy dmg)
Bounty Hunter (+2HE/+1MDG/+2Frenzy, +shotgun dmg, +grenade dmg)
Red Fang (+splash smg, +sniper dmg)
Rakk Commander (+1ETI/+2HB!/+2Ferocity, +Jakobs crit, +sniper dmg, +Dahl dmg)


Snowdrift Victory Rush (+aoe damage, +cryo damage)
Flesh Melter Otto Idol (+reload, +recharge rate, +mag size)
Ice Breaker Otto Idol (+smg damage, +mag size, health regen)

Amara anointed items

Cs Barrage (250 cast)
R Bearcat (300 slam)
Butcher (250 cast)
Cs Cutsman (ase 75 rad)
R Flakker (300 slam)
Hellwalker (ase 75 rad)
S Handsome Jackhammer (250 cast)
x2 Ion Cannon (300 slam)
R Ion Cannon (300 slam)
Kill-O-the-Wisp (300 slam)
Cs Linoge (300 slam)
Q-System (tracker darts, 300 slam)
F Ripper (300 slam)
Roisen’s Thorns (250 cast)
F Rowan’s Call (300 slam)
Scoville (300 slam)
Tsunami (300 slam)
Wedding Invitation (300 slam)
Wedding Invitation (ase 75 rad)
S/Cr Westergun (300 slam)

Zane anointed items

Flakker (SNTNL 100 cryo)
F Flakker (SNTNL 100 cryo)
Handsome Jackhammer (digi-swap 130)
Headsplosion (SNTNL 100 cryo)
Hellwalker (SNTNL 100 cryo)
Gatlin’ Lead Sprinkler (SNTNL 100 cryo)
Scourge (SNTNL 100 cryo)
Storm (SNTNL 100 cryo)

Back Ham (Clone HP regen)
Saboteur Stop-Gap (SNTNL move speed)
One-Shotter (shield refill on Barrier deploy)

Fl4k anointed items

Bangstick (x13, rakk debuff)
Carrier (rakk debuff)
R Craps (rakk debuff)
Face-puncher (x7, gamma)
Handsome Jackhammer (gamma)
Lucky 7 (rakk debuff)
Cr Kaos (gamma)
Kill-O-the-Wisp (gamma)
Maggie (rakk debuff)
Malak’s Bane, fire (gamma)
Monocle (gamma)
Roisen’s Thorns (gamma)
Sickle (gamma)
F/S Trevonator (rakk debuff)
Wedding Invitation (rakk debuff)

Bulwark Re-Charger (Fade nova)
Tax Return Front Loader (+1 rakk)

Moze anointed items

Cr Bearcat (exit IB 160 splash)
Cr Heart Breaker (exit IB reload/handling)
Hellshock (exit IB 125 fire)
Cr Kaos (exit IB 160 splash)
Krakatoa (exit IB 125 fire)
Cr Lyuda (IB cooldown)
Cs Mngwa (AB ammo regen)
Ogre (IB cooldown)
Q-System (exit IB 125 fire)
S/R Trevonator (exit IB 125 fire)
F/Cr x2 Westergun (Auto Bear 75 fire)
S/Cr Westergun (exit IB 160 splash)
CS/Cr Westergun (exit IB 160 splash)
F/R Westergun (exit IB 160 splash)
Cs/R Westergun (exit IB 160 splash)

Spiked Shell Front Loader (IB cooldown)
Cavalry Charge Front Loader (75 shield/health exiting IB)

R Mitosis Hunter-Seeker (20% grenade spawn)

i have a 53 ice lob ase 100

Cool, anything you’d want to trade for it?

im really looking for a phasecast wedding invitation, thats about it rn

Sounds good to me, add me on PSN, we’ll trade by mail

sent fr, im BakaGDS

What’s the elements on Projectile Recursion (ase bonus cryo)? And is it x2

Radiation and shock, and not x2. I should probably remove it since it’s not a roll people are looking for.

I have a Maggie with 100% on ase. 681x6. I’m more than willing to send it your way

@Scrub_Nation Cool, feel free to add me on PSN: TheFourSeven and let me know if I have anything you’d like.

I have ice breaker otto idol/ victory rush with cryo. I’m interested in your stop gap but what r the stats on it and bonuses

Targe Stop-Gap
13610 Capacity
6.4 Recharge delay
1447 Recharge rate
13% corrosive resistance
Spike/Fortify charge rolls
On Action skill end, +50% bonus cryo for 10 seconds

If your Psn TheFourSeven?

I have a 25% maddening tracker, i’m interested in your cryo 100% ase lob. PSN: TheNimbusKid

Bump with updated list for March 12.