48 loot ghosts and not a single event legendary on M3.....CLOSED

Except the shield 6 times from haunt…woo hoo…talk about bad luck…trying to complete the challenges but need to kill him with one of his weapons…i will take anything at this point lol…amara can handle it…got a ton of stuff…mostly amara in the annointeds dept…let me know what ya need…thanks…gt. X PsYkoTiC1 X

Hey, doesn’t have to be a bloody harvest legendary, just any weapon with a bloody harvest anointment.
Having the same problem getting the legendaries, but already done this challenge. Hope that helps. =]

Ah good to know buddy…didnt know that…thanks alot!!

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It does have to be a bloody harvest one. I tried with many terror anointed and nothing, equipped ghast call and it popped the challenge. I got a 2nd one yesterday, I’ll send it to you when I hop on in about an hour, just remember to equip.

You also don’t have to kill him with the ghast call, just equip.


Thank ya bud☺