4k pics not uploading to OneDrive

Hey folks,
Has anyone else experienced issues with uploading 4k screen captures to OneDrive?
I’ve taken a few screenshots of remastered BL , and when I ask the Xbox to upload to OneDrive it can’t do it . No obvious error, just a sad face saying sorry.
Previous resolution captures uploaded fine.
Any thoughts?

Haven’t tried uploading to OneDrive in a while but, as I remember it, there is a storage limit there for uploads from the XBox?

Dunno, I’ll check. But I’ve only got 7 screenshots stored (that’s all I have in my onedrive) so I don’t anticipate that’s it.

I also discovered today that the platform formerly known as “xboxdvr.com” was not actually an xbox service at all, but a third-party plaform (now known as “gamedvr”). That is… weird.

FYI this bug or whatever it was appears to be fixed, and my 4k screenshots are uploading to OneDrive

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