4K resolution is not saved on quit - is it fine for others?

After setting the game resolution to 3840x2160 (Scale_75, Fullscreen) and playing, then quit, the next time I start the game it runs in smaller resolution everytime (not sure about the other two settings) I think it is 2560x1440 - it changes to this resolution after the Claptrap dance. In the options it still displays the correct resolution but it doesn’t use it - I have to change something, apply, then change back and apply again.

Not sure if it is related but the game also doesn’t save my custom keybinding to mission change which would be (because of the foreign layout) “ő” and “ú” instead of “[” and “]”

I tried: if I set the HUD scale it saves and loads correctly but not the resolution. Also I have set Melee to Z and next mission to ú previous mission to ő at the same time, and melee Z was loaded next time correctly, but instead of ő and ú I see ? and ? both in the settings and in the HUD also they won’t work.

Any ideas?

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Same with me. 2560x1440 and everytime I start the game, I need to switch from “fullscreen” to “windowed borderless” and back to “fullscreen”. Gets annoying :confused:

Yeah, beside annoying, this resizes and rearranges all my other windows in the background.