4MIL Zane Damage on Zane with Breath of the Dying [explanation]

This clip obviously has positive modifiers, those being +50% AR damage and +70% elemental damage.

Damage was accomplished by using Flesh Melter which stacks corrosive damage. The orbs that spawn after kill do splash damage and scale from it. Getting one kill basically fully stacks it if there are nearby enemies. I am able to consistently keep my full 1.25x damage bonus going with proper management.

A video guide on Flesh Melter/Zane is coming soon.

The thing about this is that my weapon was not anointed for splash damage and this damage is completely possible (theoretically) under normal circumstances. 50 +70 (my positive modifiers) = 120. The anointment for splash damage is 125% on ASE.

I am not sure how exactly the damage is calculated when impacting an enemy that gets killed in one hit, but since the orb hits shields first (corrosive is

The damage could actually have been higher with better gear. This + the fact that you’ll probably end up getting at least one positive modifier in your rolls anyways makes this build runnable more often than not and despite mayhem modifiers.

Minus corrosive damage obviously will hurt, but can be balanced out by a variety of other modifiers. Since the skills you use in the build depend on the guns you choose and this is an elemental damage based build, there is extreme flexibility in options (will also demonstrate in upcoming video).

I recorded this for the sole purpose of proving that not only is Zane not weak but he is far stronger than people give him credit for.

The same build would still be doing 6 digits instead of 7 with no modifiers…even with minus elemental (against shields/armor which get hit first).

Full edited video/write-up coming soon.


I know this isn’t your fault but the visual quality is crap! So I can’t see the dmg numbers. I’m sure it’s a YouTube thing but 1st impressions matter so in the future you may want to wait until YouTube has the best quality version of the video ready to go before posting. Just a thought.:innocent:


@0:29 is 1mil
@0:32 is 4mil

There’s other 6 digit numbers strewn in.

Watch the whole 1 minute for fun, it’s just 1 minute.

I watched the whole thing twice so far. And I do believe you but like I said right now the visual quality is really bad. And again I know it’s not your fault because this has happened to me before and the lesson I took from my experience is to wait until YouTube has the high quality version (I test using my browser private mode so YouTube doesn’t know it’s me) before I post.

And hurry up w/ the write up because I had written that gun off because I have shotguns, SMGs, and a COV pistol, and a Laser-Sploder that was out performing it and I would love to have my mind change about it because it really is a cool looking and firing gun.:grin:

Will do, actually just waiting on a piece of artwork but I might go ahead without it.

What gun is that?
What is Zane doing with it that’s unique to Zane?

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There is an anointment that temporarily increases gun dmg by 130% when he swaps with his clone. On top of that Double Barrel increases gun dmg by 20% on swap. So that’s my guess but I’m looking forward to the write-up for the details.

Gun is breath of the dying, a Dahl AR that spawns very powerful corrosive orbs when you get a kill. You can kinda make all-corrosion builds work with the flesh melter artifact which gives you up to 125% bonus corrosion damage.

I don’t know what Zane adds specifically though, so we all have to wait for the write-up…

Oh my!

I’ve always enjoyed the Breath of the Dying. When your clone gets a kill does it also create the orbs and do they do similar damage?

Video processed at 27 FPS instead of 60. Re-uploaded and maybe that’ll fix the issue.

Since my console gets regular frame drop and low FPS, it might not be possible to demonstrate this clip any clearer.

I think so, they can also friendly fire you and I’ve been downed by them before. If you see them coming though, they are very easy to dodge.

I do not mean to be so cryptic, but I’m working on editing the guide now, so that’ll be up soon.

I’m familiar with the self damage of it. I’ve killed myself a few times when I mess around with it.

This seems like it is capitalizing off of Guardian rank skills like Overkill and having good annointed gear more than skill synergy from Zane specifically. I want to be wrong about this but everyone seems to think “OP weapons + High Guardian Rank = Build” when any class can duplicate the results with greater effect and efficiency. Tbh, I’ve seen like 3 actual Zane builds and the rest are just “Use this god roll gear like I have, get all guardian perks, and use the same skills I saw in someone else’s video with a few points allocated differently.” Of course they’re all named “One Shot” or “OP” builds too. Maybe I sound cynical AF but besides cryo Zane, Tediore throw/ nade spam Zane, or glass cannon kill skill Zane, every build I have seen showcased has little to do with his skills and other classes can mimic the effects much better. I REALLY hope this one is different.


1.) Never did I say this was specific to Zane, nor did I say you can do this with any gear.

There is some weird misconception that you don’t need good gear to do good damage and that’s absolutely wrong. Or that for some reason you should completely ignore gear and anointment synergies.

Why? Literally why? It’s a “looter shooter.” Is this some weird gamer purist thing where you don’t want to do damage?

Also my guardian rank is only 260~ish and most of it is specced into the blue tree.

2.) I didn’t say this was a build. There are Zane specific quirks of this that I will mention when I do my write-up (which takes time because I have other things to do).

3.) If you have only seen 3 Zane builds, you haven’t been looking at what I’ve been posting.

4.) Also no one else is doing this, none of this is copied, all of these tests are original ideas.

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i mean the fact you think glass cannon kill skill is even viable shows some misunderstanding in your reply lol. Why is it bad that he’s gear reliant? Two of his capstones are “copy this shield” “copy this gun”

I’m sorry Hi5 :grin: but the basis of your argument is flawed and contradictory. Case in point:

Because it’s not possible to have a “kill skill Zane” without the existence of a kill skill based tree it is incorrect and contradictory to then state that it has “little to with his skills”! In other words, the fact that the tree exists and that he has used the skills in the tree validates the build.

I could keep going but others have pointed out some of the other flaws in your arguments and I’m not trying to pile one. My hope is that I can, in good faith, meaningfully challenge your assumptions in the hope that you can or will change those assumptions and look at Zane in a more objective light and not continue to fall prey to the many Zane myths reflected in your comment.

Also, please don’t blame @GimmickBuilds for YouTubers whose livelihood is dependent on us clicking and watching their videos and are thus incentivized to use click-baity hyperbolic titles to grab our attention and whose content is high in hype and low on facts/data.

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You must think I’m crapping on Zane to get so defensive. At no point did I accuse you specifically of copying anyone so lets pump the breaks. Sorry for confusing this for a build guide. At least we agree that it isn’t. It’s more of a “look what I can do” which is cool. Maybe I shouldn’t put much worth into post titles since this implied it was specific to Zane being powerful and not the weapon/gear combo.

What is this elitist BS about obviously not understanding Zane because I pointed out that the community is flooded with a million of the same builds with minor variations. Maybe I touched a nerve? I never said anything about viability either.
I was listing the builds everyone just makes slight variations to when flooding the community with “OP” build guides. If you can’t even concede that point then we don’t have anything to talk about.

No disrespect was intended here. I just misinterpreted the purpose of this post based on the title. It’s a showcase. Fine. Calm down.


Also does it matter if it’s clickbait if it delivers?

Someone says OP Zane build and hits 10k crits, okay I got baited.

I say 4M damage, and do 7 digit numbers multiple times in the video, how is Zane weak still?

Even if other characters can do it, I literally just demonstrated it. Also I haven’t seen other people doing it either.

That aside, write up coming soon. :tm: