4th skill tree and current coms

How do we think the proposed 4th skill trees wil interact with current coms? Are we anticipating the existing coms may get further skill boosts, or be overhauled to include skills from the new tree, thereby changing everyone’s builds?

Obviously they will be releasing new coms to go with these new skill trees. Any thoughts on what they may be?

I am both excited and nervous to find out.

Considering that the 4th Skill Tree is a paid dlc, I don’t think they will alter existing class mod to include 4th tree skills. Though it seems like something they would do anyways. If so maybe they will increase skill points on it from 5 to maybe 8 or 9, then add a skill from the 4th tree to the CoM. So each CoM would have 4 skills to them instead of 3.

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Only new COMs will boost skills from new tree. Also new COMs will be dropping only in that new game mode.


I see. Does that mean that 4th Skill Tree and new game mode are packaged as one? As in, you can’t get them separately?

It’s in one DLC.


That would be mint. But as @GrzesPL has pointed out the 4th skill trees will be paid for content so I guess that won’t be the case.

Maybe the new coms will have more than 5 skill point boosts. I rather hope they do as we will need them with only the current number of skill points to spend over 4 trees.

Well, in all due likelyhood they just won’t. They are just gonna add a bunch of new ones and let’s all hope those don’t drop when you don’t have that DLC (in BL2 you could get Mechromancer and Psycho COMs even if you didn’t purchase those characters).

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