4th skill tree: do we know what the other VHs are getting?

Besides rumours and what we heard in June, has there been any official details on the 4th tree for other hunters?


Zane: (44:51)
-Shoulder Cannon: Pew Pew (because he needs to be more like Wilhelm from TPS)

Moze: (44:49)
-Iron Cub: Mini Iron Bear that Moze can summon and which acts on it’s own

Amara: (45:14… I think…)
(she has an AS icon that I don’t think is one of the current 3. Not sure where I saw it but I swear I saw a short clip of her projecting her arms out and shooting an ice orb in front of her a few feet before it hit an enemy)
-Shoot an orb?:…like…that’s it I think? It’s basically Phasecast except round? Honestly not sure on this one. OH! But she gets Cryo now.


Well those are super uninspiring, basically more pets/automated attacks and another damage AS for Amara … lame.

How about having her actually do something with all those arms?

Yeah, like put those arms up to gain energy for 10 seconds to make a freaking spirit bomb and then destroy the planet. Maybe that’s an augment…

Would’ve been cool if they oriented her melee on the goddess durga or kali or something. Haven’t they learned from Krieg and Destiny that roaming melee action skills are super awesome? Jesus…

Cool idea, I was also thinking maybe of an AS that lasts a duration (opening up her anointment choices) that punches enemies within range automatically ( not stopping you from punching normally). Augments could add elements, auras, taunt, debuffs etc. Would also be a much better use for glamour.

Could even just reuse the gfx from helping hands - makes much more sense than 6 arms just flapping around apparently giving damage reduction.

A cryo tree would have some nice synergy with her melee tree. Also love the animation on that action skill. I think that’s the tree I’m most excited about.

Still no Ora Ora with all of Amara’s arms. I can’t believe it.

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I just hope the trees give something substantially new. Right now Fl4k has pets and crits, Zane has movement and kill skills, Amara has elements and melee and Moze has splash, shields and unlimited ammo. A new tree could add a significant “thing” to each vault hunter. Boosting stats won’t be nearly as fun as changing up the combat and meta.