4th Skill Tree Preparation

For those getting Season Pass 2 for the 4th Skill Tree (let’s ignore Arms Race here), I’m curious what preparations have you guys done or are currently doing?

For me, I started a new Moze in Xbox just for the 4th skill tree. She completed campaign and can go M10. I have these gear exclusively for this tree:

Please don’t discuss Arms Race here. We got a gazillion of threads about it already.

I planned out a build using the new Zane tree and that’s pretty much it. Probably gonna try out the Arms Race first anyways.

I’m working on getting one of each VH up to lvl 65 (haven’t played much since mayhem 2.0 dropped). I’ve been waiting to play TVHM until the first season pass finished so I’ll probably take one of each through all content again on mayhem 11 with the new trees

Edit: also emptying my bank yet again. Most of my gear is still under lvl 60 so I’ll be starting more or less fresh

I kept a few things set aside, such as an asa 150% fishslap :slight_smile: - bear cubs going to be a massive upgrade for my facepuncher moze

I’m farming for the anointments I want currently since it looks like they’ll be adding about 15 new anointments to the pool which will dilute things again

I just created a new skill setup to try and balance/take advantage of the changes from iron bear to iron cub.

The skills in the tree didn’t really interest me.
If the issue with the AI targeting/reload is fixed, I’m thinking meta cub gear will be either
railgun or target softening,
Constant passive healing, or constant enemy debuffs,
moze skill build

I haven’t had a run through the main campaign since my intial playthrough with FL4K so i was thinking of making a new character while speccing solely into their 4th tree. I haven’t decided if I’ll go with FL4K again or someone else, though.

My preparation is actually pretty simple.

Step 1: Wait until the skill trees are released
Step 2: Wait until the bugs and broken skills are fixed
Step 3: Start a new level 1 character and play the game

The real question is “Will we ever get past Step 2?”

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I’ll give you a sweet Rakk Commander for that Flare lol