4th skill trees confirmed

At PAX. Currently watching on stream but expect YTers to cover it.

Just FYI


im kind of worried about that capstone but! i want my loader friend NOW

fuzzy math is gonna make reflux fl4k invincible holy ■■■■

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Just a peek at FL4K’s and yeah I want a little loader friend too. :smiley:

(And you know… there will probably be a level cap increase to go along with this as well…)

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i dont think we have other level increase for while and isnt 65 the max ? unless season 2 pass they keep doing level increase (which be pain for me) and i doubt they add level increase in small update with new skill tree’s myself.

FL4K is a “Beastmaster”… a loader isn’t a beast.

I don’t get it.


Was hoping for a stalker or saurian for Fl4k, but oh well.


fl4k is now botmaster apparently! though hopeing season 2 will offer more then just new skill tree , though content they can add now isnt much i think unless you do dlc for searching for lilith maybe and maybe dlc based around rose (assuming she survived dlc 3)

Yeah they’ve indicated that 65 is the max for now, reading between the lines I think 65 was the max level Gearbox had planned in their roadmap for BL3’s first year. These new trees are probably still some time off, probably not until sometime in 2021 I’m guessing, and I imagine they’ll up the cap at that point.

65 is safe for now, but I think a new level cap is inevitable.

Edit: oops my bad, it looks like the new skill trees are coming later this year actually.

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Please tell me it’s Jimmy Jenkins.


yeah they probly add new tree’s into season pass 2 somehow but im hopeing for better content/challenge myself if so as new tree and gamemode is fine but last dlc we got i felt let down as it felt weaker compared to other dlc’s we had so thin hope 2k actually do better job on season pass 2 and fix all bugs beforehand

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I hope it comes with 10 more skill points when it drops. Then no more cap increases.

I’m afraid this will give incentive for more drip fed level cap increases.


From what I could hear behind all the dev talking, its voice kinda sounded like a wee loader’s voice but I don’t think it’s supposed to be Jimmy. It would be freaking fantastic if it does turn out to be though, I think there’s still plenty of time for Gearbox to make that little change, if wanted/needed. :smiley:

finally fl4k gets a robot pet finally it makes sense now since fl4k is a robot also

Or they can be smart and give us the points without the levels. Skill Point SDUs would be the simplest solutions.


@VaultHunter101 Can you move this to the spoiler section? We’re probably going to be discussing specific skills at some point.


Something that I had thought about before was, add something to the Guardian Rank system so you can buy skill points (up to a limit) with GR tokens (perhaps 1 skill point for the cost of 5 GR tokens). So you can basically gain XP and level up without actually levelling up, so to speak.

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Wooo! Basically everything they said is really solid, great news. Cross play, vertical splitscreen, new skill trees, bring it on! People should be really happy. Hopefully we’ll get a bunch of new playable content and DLC4 is not the end.

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Welp, guess I’ll take another 8 month hiatus.


Yup that killed my hype as well. Was disappointed. Like doesn’t FL4K not like their bot-theren being pets?


I don’t want to think this…but I can’t help but think it.

I feel like they’ve made it loaders because they can reuse models. They could have reused saurians but bots already have multiple uses that could easily be integrated into a tree with different skills.