5.1 Audio Issue: Enemy Sounds From Enemies in Front of Me Come Out of Rear Speakers

What it says in the title. I’ve confirmed that surround sound is otherwise working correctly via the Windows speaker setup test screen. Is anyone else experiencing this?

No issues on my end so far. Logitech z506, all the game audio settings are default, 5.1 mode on Windows 10.

Further testing shows it’s not constant, and it’s not only enemy sounds. Explosions, etc are also randomly coming from behind me, which is extremely distracting :confused:

It might sound “not very smart” but check if the setting is set to headphones and if it is try restarting the game, swapping back and forth between my headset and speakers I noticed the same issue and even though the game picks up on your system’s default being changed, doesn’t actually adjust itself.

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