5 alternate skills per hero? Am i missing something

In the new numbers post. Is that additional to the helix trees we know.

As you play your character rank goes up for that hero.
With each level you can unlock something for that hero, this can for example be a skin or a mutator.
What you are asking are these mutators, they add extra skills into your helix.
So instead of having to choose a skill out of 2 options you will have 3 options to choose from.
There are 5 alternate skills per hero, see the screenshot below how this would look/work.

The pic doesn’t load for me right now, but i assume it’s the good old Reyna screenshot :slight_smile:

Only thing left to find out:
Will there be a pattern (for example every other helix stage etc) or a selected bunch per hero?

Would be really nice if the 3rd options were solved by a slot system, that you could fill like a Runepage before you queue up. But that would mean that they had to do much more than 125 additional skills.
Although the community would probably gladly help out with coming up with new alterations.

yes that is the “old” Renya screenshot

i think gbx has a few skills lying around as the helix previously went to lvl 15.
if i remember correctly the team also tested with even more lvls (20) so some skills are collecting dust.

I knew that, but i didn’t make the connection ^^

I’d really like to have a few options for those mutators. Or at least 1 for every Helix stage. It would seem a bit weird to me, if every character had a 3rd option on different levels.

But then again: Mutators probably add unique effects, while the loot might also tune the skills instead of just the character stats.

I’d enjoy the idea of character-generic “mystery loot”, that adds a certain type of effect to primary skills/ults/passives/etc, but with the neccesary changes to make it work if the affected skill doesn’t meet the trigger requirements for the effect.

Wow. Thanks for the answer. This game is gonna be awesome. Hopefully those unused skills become unlockable character gear.

So, at max character level, each Battleborn with have 5 helix levels with 3 skills, and 5 helix levels with 2 skills?