+5 class mods phasezerker and red fang

I am open to your offers

Psn nat_zero_six

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what are u looking for i am most interested in that red fang

a list of some of the stuff i have for trade
reinforced stop gate cryo resistances anointed on ase apply terror to your self every 5 seconds for next 18 seconds
hostile crossroad element fire with the same anointment as the reinforced stop gate
mirv hex shock with anointed regenerate 1 grenade
lucians call cryo element anointed on ase the next 2 magazine will have 50% additional bonus radiation damage
these are just a few i can name at the moment

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The Phasezerker Mod is pretty interesting, are you searching for something in particular?

I’ve got these annointed:

-Duc (+corrosive on 2 next magazines on AS end)

-Double-Penetrating Boring Gun (+Splash damage on AS end)

-Cocky Flakker (+crit.damage while terrified)

-And a few more.

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What is your psn? @rosemanalex @F_Cherry