5 days of play time. (Not wall of text) suggestions


To many nerfs not enough buffs

Buff agonizer , buff any boss that has immunity stages,


Change rolls on MM 3 (hate MM ideas)
Get rid of reflect
Don’t allow certain rolls to stack e.g gun damage and normal bullets.

Personally you did better with BL2 and just increase overall damage and health.
If you want to add modifiers just increase the chance of badasses or tinks or annointed. Or even make them have randomised stats where they have symbols above there heads that let you know what extra they do.

Proving Ground
All maps unlock at 50 but you select proving grounds and it’s randomised. Enemies start at 50 and you can progress your grounds after each playthrough progressing each eg. PG1 = 51, PG2 =52 and so on…
Boost chest to have at least one leg on vault.

Circle of slaughter.
Chest after completing (great chest) I like CoS mind.
Again just auto unlock them…don’t make it a pointless trek. Again progressing like proving ground giving us a real Endgame grind

Map - just state what bosses are on each map.
I keep forgetting then having to YouTube boss locations. It’s silly