5 DLC Characters?

(Thrall Lover) #1

I doubt it, but do you think they’ll add the dlc characters to the app? I’m still playing it, and couldn’t help but wonder.

On another note, I wouldn’t mind using the in-game credits (not shards) to buy some skins for your battleborn. Just me?

(RebelPenguins) #2

I’d enjoy seeing all of the DLC characters as well.

Also, is there a purpose for the scraps you get when you have a duplicate piece of gear? I don’t think there is, unless I’m missing something, so it’d be nice if the scraps were used for something.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #3

You can upgrade any of the character’s gear that you currently have active on the field.

So say I bought Ambra and she has her life steal gear at blue rarity. I can go to the tab where you upgrade their damage/health and click on her portrait, go to her gear tab and upgrade that piece of gear to purple for 250 scrap.

(RebelPenguins) #4

I never realized that was an option, thank you!

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(Montana is my homegirl.) #5

I have every gear piece gold for every character, and crap ton of artifacts maxed, and it’s still a pain in the rear to advance after you hit level 175. It becomes so painfully and boringly slow that I usually just prestige and start over. And getting to level 250 is only 4 star? It would take a month of playing one run just to hit 5 star. lol
I got bored with the grind. And there’s no reason to do it since there’s no BB rewards for it.

(Montana is my homegirl.) #6

My bad, 6 and 7 stars**

(Thrall Lover) #7

Honestly, I still haven’t unlocked Shayne, though I was just a couple of points away when I last prestiged. I’ve been mixing it up by trying different ways to play, such as seeing how far you can get with one character, etc. It wouldn’t be groundbreaking, but it’d be nice to have everyone together. Maybe implement a loot pack based on how far you get via shift code/account linking.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #8

I’d re-download it if they added Toby…

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(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #9

It does have Toby, he was implemented after the first big patch.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #10

It had a PATCH?!

Runs to re-download it.