5 Eldrid Team (Boldur Lore)

(Seven6Five) #1

Looking for people on PS4 to make a 5 Eldrid character team. I need to do this to finish Boldur’s lore so I can get the legendary. If anyone is willing and able to help me out that would be great. PSN ID: Seven6Five_

(Jjand302) #2

Easier method. Get 1 friend. You play Boldur, they play eldrid 2. Play a private hardcore campaign match. Commit suicide. Lore complete. Repeat for friend as Boldur.

(Seven6Five) #3

Well now I just need to find someone to do this with. Not many people on my list if any have this game, haha.

(Kane) #4

i tried this it didn’t work

(Jjand302) #5

Did you quit or commit suicide? Quiting doesn’t count as finishing the mission where as suicide counts as failing and completing the mission

(Kane) #6

me and my friend committed suicide and it didn’t unlock the lore

(Radimus_VonAwsom) #7

I’d be more than happy to help you out. My PSN id is RadimusVonAwesom, I usually play around 9pm eastern(NY) .

(Kane) #8

cool i have a friend who can help now we just need 1 more person

(Seven6Five) #9

I can hop on and do it whenever. Done with work for the day and all that. PSN: Seven6Five_

(Kane) #10

add me on psn kanewright22 and if we get another person message me and we can get the boldur lore

(Radimus_VonAwsom) #11

Just talked with my friend and he can join us tonight so that would make 5.

(Daryllpoole) #12

Do you guys wanna do it now.

(Radimus_VonAwsom) #13

I’m still at work , won’t be on until around 9 tonight.

(Daryllpoole) #14

Don’t think we can do it because of time difference.

(Seven6Five) #15

Like I said…I’m down whenever to knock this out

(Recycled Human) #16

I need to do this too. Gonna be on later tonight I’ll hit you guys up. Sn recycledhuman

(Kane) #17

we will message when were good

(Recycled Human) #18

On now need 2 more for woodsworn

(Seven6Five) #19

I am on and ready now

(Recycled Human) #20

Yep got a friend coming on in a sec then we just need one more

Edit : got it! Thx