5 Eldrid Team (Boldur Lore)

(Wvbasketball023) #21

Would any of you be willing to help me get it please?

PSN: Tricksta_23

(devastator) #22

I could use some help with this too PSN: devastator_TTT2. Feel free to add me and send me a message anytime.


looking for a group for advanced mission my psn d4773n_w47z

(Buried) #24

Can add me, can be on most nights after 7pm est. Buried1031@gmail.com. Also willing to help boost for other things.

(PSN ID Apophis_SunEater) #25

HELP! I’m very close to getting my platinum but I still need boldurs lore challenge. Can anyone help me with this?

(ChozoTalon) #26

I’m a bit late, but, uh, I can add my one Eldrid to the count if you still need it. (I do too)

(PSN ID Apophis_SunEater) #27

I actually already finished mine. It was the last thing I needed to get my Platinum trophy. But if you need one more person I do play 2 eldrid regularly.

(ChozoTalon) #28

Thanks, but I currently don’t know anyone else looking for it. I’ll be sure to ask again if I find some more people though!

(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #29

@ChozoTalon I can help you get a group together for this if you want

(ChozoTalon) #30

I’d appreciate that! I use the same username on PSN, so just send a friend request whenever. :slight_smile:

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(AKA Mr. Solus) #31

I also need this lore desperately. PSN: TheWoifOfMibu27 Post here if your gonna be on and runnin some Eldrids pwease.

(ChozoTalon) #32

I’ll send you a friend request shortly!

(ChozoTalon) #33

@loving-hatred Are you still willing to help with this? I’ve got two others, one of which has two ps4s, so we can go for a quick game today.

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(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #34

@ChozoTalon I’m sorry I’ve been on the run for the last few days(and for the foreseeable future) so I can’t help, but @FlamesForAll is the master of getting groups together

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(ChozoTalon) #35

Ah, sorry to hear that, hope it works out, whatever is going on!

@FlamesForAll Can you help out? I’ve gathered a ragtag group of people, but trying to organize everyone can be like herding cats, haha.



Sorry, what do you need?

(ChozoTalon) #37


Boldur’s Woodsworn lore.

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(ChozoTalon) #38

I ended up getting it, and figuring out a little trick that someone might have use for in the future when looking to do this lore challenge. A second controller and account in split screen counts as two people. So all you need for this challenge is three players, two of which have two controllers.

For the foreseeable future, I offer my help in acquiring this lore challenge as well.