5 man premade or quit

-Every single game i played today was against a 5 man premade (i can tell because i know the people who do them, they are always together every single time)

-Every single game where we fought a 5 man premade we lost.

-I try to ask for different match-making principles however i am ingored and people tell me “well fi you cant beat em, join em… heres the discord.”

  • i dont want to participate in a 5 man premade. its facerool… IMO it requires zero skill to have 5 guys gang up on a single target and get insta kills and insta wins.

  • i prefer even, fair games that arent lopsided. (YES EVEN WINNING GETS BORING AFTER AWHILE… for me at least)

are you guys ever gonna fix the match-making?

i ddontr know what to do.

  • i dont want to play normally because i always get stomped by premades

  • i dont want to play in a premade because its boring when u stomp everything and have no challenge.

can we get some fair ground?

its basically either u join the premade squad or suffer.

what about ppeople who just want to play the damn game without having to join this and that?


This has been one of the main problems for a while now. There used to be a solo/duo queue but there weren’t enough players for it. Now that there are enough players the queue is not there for whatever reason. (Speaking for PC, don’t know about the other platforms)


i member.

oh well man premades can have this game i guess the devs dont care about us solo players

What can i tell u?
Is frustrating to face premades but also is frustrating to have team members who cant play as a team


The short answer is no. The matchmaking has been stupidly implemented since the very beginning, and they refuse to address it for whatever reason. I am convinced that it is the reason why this game failed at launch, and it is why this “relaunch” will also fail. I always roll as a duo, and I almost always get the absolute crap kicked out of me. Yesterday, for example, I played about 12-15 matches. In all but one, my team surrendered, usually at the first opportunity, because we were getting the crap kicked out of us by what were most likely 5-man premades. I honestly don’t know why I continue to try to play the PvP in this game. Also, I am bloody sick-to-death of the frickin’ Kelvin-Rath-Orendi stun-pillar-spin routine. It’s just disgusting.


i guess the devs just dont care .

oh well.

i have so much passion for this game and i try try try so hard for a year trying t oconvince them to make it more fair.

they just dont care.


Speaking from someone who plays with friends/premades.

The Premade groups formed quite some time ago out of, at least for me and many others that I know, to prevent playing with randoms who couldn’t play better than average and we ended up become fast pals/friends and good teammates. I have mentioned this on many of forum posts complaining about 5-mans/premades ruining the game. We are just buddies who get together because we know that each of us is better than the average player and won’t do things that potentially cost us the game.

Sure we are competitive and good, but the intent is not to cause complete and utter destruction to randoms, but the game has been out for a year now and those in the premades you see now have seen all manner of idiocy and crazy things from people who they cannot communicate with or that refuse to listen because ego guides them instead of teamwork mid game.

Common offenses would include:

-Picking the healer and not healing the team/whom you’re supposed to
-Grabbing Single Thrall when your team is down two and minion wave is pushing the first sentry
-Feeding horribly, calling for suddender a few times and then quitting the game when the rest of us actually know how to finish a match

(And note, me using ‘you’ does not mean you specifically, I mean ‘you’ as in teammates who do these dumb things)

Players who play in five mans aren’t always looking to be top tier competitive, they are looking to have a bit of fun, but it is hard to have fun in a game surrounded by good teamwork and you’re watching two guys not in your party consistently not doing very smart things. Thus, the five mans and premades are just people who got fed up with dealing with that type of thing.

And it’s not impossible to play against five mans/premades, is it difficult and a challenge? Yes, it will push your skills to the limit and beyond and you will get better. It’s why I adopted and kept my “no surrendering” rule and many others in the top levels won’t surrender either. You get better by playing, learning and getting your ass kicked far more than seeing certain names and giving up before the match even begins.


Of course they care
It’s just a far more complicated issue then you give it credit


I suspect that they don’t know how. Perhaps they lack the technical expertise to fix it?

i guess this is it.

battleborn was amazing while it lasted.

thank you for the game.

when it was a fair game… i can honestly say this is the most fun ive ever had playing a game ever…

this game was my favorite game of all time

its time to move on i guess because i dont like getting stomped every game and i dont want to stomp noobs by joining premade.

so long battleborn. </3

Actually, creating gamer clones in large batches with accelerated growth is significantly more challenging than building a functioning fusion reactor.

And though I say that with tongue firmly in cheek, it hits the raw spot: match-making will remain problematic on PC unless the number of players increases considerably, since every single “fix” that’s been proposed essentially requires more players queuing in the first place.

As far as solo/duo, wasn’t that always Wednesday and Saturday only, or did that change with the last update?


This is mostly why I’ve been sticking to Bots Battle…besides the fact that I don’t have PlayStation Plus right now
Most of my PSN friends don’t play the game anymore so I haven’t been able to stick to a premade team…except with @GUNZERKUS from time to time. I’ve gotten a lot more casual as time has passed and I’ve added new games to my library


They did not do it last week.

Well, I guess time will tell. Throwing queue changes into the mix on top of a major update and the launch of separate queues for those in the free-trial would have been quite a lot. Maybe once the trial has had some time to get players to the point of accessing the main versus queues, that might change?

If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t have bothered with the update, the free trial, or any of the other stuff. So I’m pretty sure the devs remain as passionate about this game as ever. But there’s a limit to what they can do, based on what 2K (the producer) is willing to fund, and how much traction the game can get amongst admittedly fickle gamers. You could argue about what might have been if OW had been massively delayed (or worse), but that would be a waste of time.


U r being rly dramatic lol!!

Look if u r tired of losing find a premade or carry maybe.

Idc about losing honestly, but some players taunt when they are stomping and that can gets rly obnoxious.

Then we have guys who are in premades all the time and when they get stomped in solo they get angry. :joy:

If u like the game u will keep playing losing or winning. Keep playing.

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did u even read my post?

i dont want to join a premade… what fun is it? how could it be fun when u know ur gonna win every single game by dominating fashion?

id rather be on a fair playing field and have close games than have 100% blowouts every single time.

if thats what u like … COOL MAN!!! REALLY COOL! GOOD FOR YOU!

im not saying im a better perosn because i like to play fair… im just saying thats what i enjoy.

You don’t have to stomp people when playing in a premade. Look at that scoreboard from a match I played on thursday:

We were a full premade and we won, but

  • I was in it and I usually lower the skill of a team significantly (I’m playing PvE mostly and had maybe played 100 PvP matches in total - don’t have much time for playing and won’t join PvP when I might have to bail mid match for some IRL reason).
  • That player without loadout was a level 3 player who was invited to play with us.
  • No mics were used whatsoever and we didn’t pick the unfun CC meta.
  • The enemy team wasn’t really unknown to us (the Marquis even is on my friends list).

This was a hell of a close match and we only destroyed the last sentry in the final minute (and also had lost our front sentry during the match). It was enjoyable to play and part of the reason for that was that we stacked our team to not only have either low skill or high skill players on it. I haven’t even had played with most of the people in my team yet (a friend invited me into it and I just joined them).

Most people I met in this game are very welcoming towards others, no matter what skill level you have (unless you really refuse to learn from mistakes, just to annoy them). They help you get better in this game and they help you to get into teams who just can survive long enough in a game that you can learn something from it. This is not a bad thing and this creates more balanced games than that rigged matchmaking that is used.

People learn from mistakes. I wrote a “tutorial” that even got stickied here, what I’d recommend to do to learn the basic concepts of this game, by playing e.g., Bots Battle and when you know how the gamemodes and characters work in principle and learned to navigate the maps, you have to learn tactics. These can’t be done against Bots, you need to play against other people for that. Having some experienced players on your team is helpful (they can explain you when you make a mistake and some of them single-handedly can avoid that you are mercylessly pushed into spawn and can’t move anymore), but solo queue matchmaking won’t put them on your team most of the time. You would meet players like me in there who also don’t have the needed experience for that. Only way to learn the game then is to find mistakes for yourself and this can be quite challenging sometimes. Especially on PC where there is a huge difference in skill between players who could continue playing in 10 stacks when there was no one to be found and those who even had trouble finding other people in Bots Battle.

Finding friends and creating groups with mixed skill sometimes is just an attempt of players to create more balance in this game. I know there are also stomp teams out there, but any online game has problems with toxic people.

i know i know…

i get the same response every single time

“WELLLLLL it must be you cuz i always win against premades”


“you know not all premades are into stomping people”


i guess i must have the worst luck ever

becaus every single time i fight these guys our team gets absolutely dominated (im talking INSTAGIBBED… not much u can do when 5 real humans decide to all attack u at the same exact time… im sorry i dont care how skilled u are when u get stunned by a kelvin and have 4 other people wailing on you… its death)

im not making this up.

you think i come on here and tell lies?

would be cool if i could put some of these guys on my ignore list that way it makes it impossible for me to play against them.

TBH id rather wait 5 min for a game thats fair than have insta qs against 5 man teams every time


Whether or not you’re in a pre-made group isn’t necessarily the formula for success. I normally play solo and have found that any group of randoms can win against a 5-man pre-made and even have a fighting chance if your teammates are:

  • playing their roles
  • coordinating their strikes
  • helping out teammates that are in trouble

Those things don’t require you to be grouped up or even to have mics (though it helps).

The thing to remember is that this is a team game in which characters have specialized roles. The reason why the Rath-CC tank-Orendi combination is effective is because together they compensate for what each character would otherwise be lacking. Individually they become much less effective. For example, Rath can easily initiate, but it’s difficult for him to finish someone off without some help.


not against a very skilled 5 man premade whocoordiante their attacks at the same time

how is ur miko gonna heal u when enemy teams kelvin has stunned u both and the other 4 BB are nuking the **** out of you while ur stunned? the answer:

he doesnt, and you all die (quickly)

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