5 month absence

I logged in the other day and saw that i was master of Thorn, and a great deal of extra content was released.

What else have i missed? from the players perspective.

A bug where you couldn’t complete lore and then one where you couldn’t get score. Quick, if you go play now you might still get to experience that one!

Also, Benedict was buffed and some other stuff.


5 months of pure heaven mixed in with some pub stomping.

A lot of changes actually though, for the better. A big one is coming soon!.. Hopefully.

right on, i live me some rocket birdman

i played BB from the closed technical testing and early beta, has the comunity gotten any better? also how are the new maps and champs?

The community really depends on where you are I think. (World location and platform) I play on ps4 and have been seeing a lot of new players lately, match making seems to be picking up.

Only 2 queues available right now. Incursion and quick match. Incursion generally has more full teams playing while quickmatch usually has a lot of new players so the games vary quite a bit depending on what you like.

The new heros are some of my favorite. The Beatrix stream going on right now is pretty exciting.

Pendles is cool but can be frustrating.( Good or bad haha)
Kid ultra is really fun.
Ernest makes teams really strong if used right but I find his playstyle boring.
Alani is a cool combination of rescuer / combat medic.

Overall I think they are hitting character balance for PvP really well. With the exception of a couple great standouts like Galilea (She can do it all), everyone can be a decent pick.

Edit* oh maps! I’ve been really enjoying the dlc ops and the extra multiplayer maps are cool. Monuments (the new incursion map) is way bigger and has easy access to backdoor. Makes for interesting fights.

In a week or two this huge update is gonna come out that changes nearly everything but Mellka

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i play on pc and had alot of trouble after the games official release with LoL/Dota levels of toxicity. but its good to hear that playerbase is picking up.

also is the gear from lootpacks still randon af?

Oh yeah sorry I’ve rarely heard good about the PC realm.

Haha eh it’s kinda predictable after a while but I think the legendary drop rate got an increase so there is that.

But the whole lootpacks system is changing in a couple weeks. I don’t know too much about it.

I hate to be that guy™ but the PC playerbase is doing horribly. Sure, new players might be coming in but no one stays in for long. If I find matches it’s usually the same 9 people over and over again until one of them stops playing. In which case you need to wait till someone new jumps into the queue.

There are some specific days/times when the matchmaking picks up and is actually decent but it is not consistent.

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that’s unfortunate, i only have pc and outdated consols.

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Oh… PC huh. Do you like solo pve? Cuz this game would be awesome again for you

You could always check some YouTube video and see if it looks like the new dlc stuff is to your liking. I personally don’t recommend it to anyone but better to watch and form your own opinion

Actually the first Op. Is available free for anyone (oops for ps4 only) who played the beta so YouTube is not necessary.

Oh really? Dang I’m sorry

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Well ive been on board with BB since it was announced, even got the digital deluxe copy. Im really hoping it works out, but comments about pc are making it seem bleak

I do suggest taking a look after the Winter Update drops (on the 19th) who knows, this update might manage to retain players.

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Well they haven’t released the patch notes yet, so who knows; maybe they did something really exiting to her. We might just get another helix rename :wink:

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You could try the battleborn discord. I’m on ps4 myself, but I hear the battleborn discord is the go to for pc players. Not sure who you should ask about it, but here is the link to the discord forum post.


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