5 Player Advanced Saboteur Advice

What’s a good 5 man team to beat this on advanced. I’ve used various mixes and styles but always lose the core at the last wave half way.

Big fan of Marquis w/ increased owl capacity and area of effect damage over time after exploding.
Kleese can drop a network of shield generators at entrance to help discourage scavens, which are arguably the most dangerous if left unchecked.
Ghalt’s scrap traps on the actual defense target works great as well.

A couple of guys roaming in pairs of two, dealer’s choice. I like I heavy melee like Attikus, El Dragon, Rath, Boldur.

I could make just about any char work, but your biggest boons are probably going to be a good Marquis, Kleese, or Thorn. (opinion/experience)

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In addition, there is a wealth of information and details about this particular mission/difficulty discussed in this thread.

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I played a number of times and only beat it once. I can tell you we had kleese and we finished with about 75% health at the end. It was pretty amazing. usually its always down to that last 1% and that last effing thrall. Not this time. Not even close.

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  • Never Stay on the core as enemies grenades and aoe will damage it if they aim for you

  • Someone stay downside, an other one upstairs, 2 near the core entrance and the last one with good mobility to chase enemies all around the room

Always buy :

  • Flash Traps, they break varelsi shield,
  • Mix of temporal and repair drones
  • Thumper turret

There are many good comp the best is high damage and high CC, there are a lot of enemies but not really packed so AOE isn’t the best (but one AOE character is still good ofc)

i like to run with : Kleese (near core), Whiskey (full shield pen, near core), Caldarius (attack speed, crit with TMP build), Phoebe (upstair) and a Montana or Ghalt


Any snipers will help. The thing i see a bunch of groups not paying attention to are the mobs that actually shot at the core and don’t wait to get close up before they start to damage it.

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One thing of note I haven’t seen mentioned, but absolutely essential.

Keep an eye out for Varelsi Disruptors, kill those quickly, because they can one-shot the core from full health and end the run with their ground spikes attack.


Hate those darn bastards… Agree with the setup @tbawin posted - thats one badass team! Though we did it with Thorn instead of Cal, the cursefields are just neat.

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awesome thanks for the tips

that might my main issue. we always get someone to camp on the core. makes since when they aim grenades and will cause AOE. also thanks on the flash traps. never clicked to me that it would take down varelsi shields.