5 Players on my Team, Opponents (Non-Existent)

Hello! Recent battleborn player here!

When I started playing around the winter update which I bought the game specifically to play Beatrix. I began playing other characters, and lot characters were so full of life, and charisma. It was something I didn’t find too much in Overwatch and I appreciate that! I just wish there was more people to play with, and I get the low population, but completing lore challenges specifically in a PvP situation (I’m looking at you Galilea with the Ambra lore) makes it difficult to get opponents to play against.

I find myself sitting in a quick match que, waiting for about an hour, to the latest at 3 hours!?

I would get a full team of 5, but waiting for opponents is where it really bogs me down, because either I have to wait for another full team of 5 to go against my team, or people just keep leaving since the que took too long, and the matchmaking system has to go back to searching for another player to fulfill that slot.

If maybe, just make it so in match making, it puts on players one or two or three at a time on the opposite team, instead of waiting for another full team of 5.

Tl;DR Change the que system, where it doesn’t have to look for another full group of 5 people, just add one by one, or group by group to add up to 5 people

There is an update in the works that would allow the type of lore quest you mention to be completed in Bots Battle, which would make things much easier.

As for the matchmaking, it’s a problem on PC (and on any platform in certain regions). I don’t think the game actually sits waiting for a 5-man pre-made to show up in the queue; more likely, you get matched with the first complete set of 5 players available. You just don’t see them being put together one by one in the UI.

I mean, it’d be nice to actually see progress on other people joining the other team

The MM gets bugged. If you’ve been waiting a while, even with a full time, leave MM and re-enter it.

Yeah I’ve been doing that, sometimes I dont know when its bugged. Are they going to patch that anytime soon?

All I can say is that the same thing happens in similar MM games… Rainbow 6 siege comes to mind. It would do the same thing, especially when your team is full, but the other team drops from some members to zero. Its as if after that, your group just cant connect. Yet if you disconnect then reconnect, you can often then susdenly find a game.

What platform, where, and what time were you looking? So I am on PC, west coast, play in the evening. I usually get games in not too long, maybe 10-15 minutes at most. But if its late at night or early morning, i think there just arent enough people playing.

Same, West coast, but I usually play during the day during the week days.

And I’m on PC

Ive played BB a ton because I love it, and I dont think I’ve ever waited more than 20 mins for a match. Partially because I assume it’s messed up if its taking 15+ minutes to I re-Q and get a game.

During the day on weekdays is the least optimal time to queue up, honestly. Most people are at work or school. Even I have errands to run during the day and I’m on sick leave :stuck_out_tongue: You might find people in other regions but I’d say chilling in queue is better than red bar. Changing to other regions that you can still have a good connection in though is not a bad idea. Changing your download region on steam should do that.

Might also want to try completely restarting the game if the queues take long, just in case. Re-queuing should do the trick but we don’t really know what the problem is with getting stuck in queue even when there should be players to match up with, AFAIK.

I was actually thinking that, I could probably find people from the forums to play BB with! : D

Yes, a lot of people also use the Battleborn Discord to find people.

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How would I get started with the discord server, if I have discord already!?

If you have some troubles joining the server you can surely ask on that thread.

Or are you already on that server? Then just try to engage with people, message in the lfg channels, and so on.

Also, the best way to find people to play with is adding people to your friends list. Like, a lot.