5 Suggestions to make BB better

  1. Server Browser - It helps people find games/matches for whatever mode they enjoy (PvE/PvP).
  2. Show Gear Stats at Loadout Screen - Lets people remember what certain gear does prior to going into battle. The same could apply at the scoreboard if you are wondering what people are playing with.
  3. Exchange Credits for Platinum - Gives Players the ability to save up those blue coins for the hopes of unlocking the rest of the game (or taunts/skins) with enough time and dedication. Either an exchange rate or two values to choose from(like bank slot/loadout purchases).
  4. Disable Taunt Setting - Hitting that button is great after a kill/multi but hit it on accident and you could be waiting for that respawn timer.
  5. Make flair an equipped appearance customization rather than locking it to a piece of gear that you may only be using to look cool.

That’s why there are daily quests. By doing them you will be able to unlock everything (eventually).




Then learn not to hit it by accident. A lot of us love the taunt system, and think it to be one of the best qualities of Battleborn.


good to see you came to the main forums @Social_Gamer. You’re more likely to find more intellectual conversations here and less trolling.

Anyway, on your points:

  1. The way the game is set up, that wouldn’t work, as there isn’t any drop in/drop out mechanics.
  2. Not a bad idea. I guess the devs could add something like that in
  3. Was thinking of the same thing at one point, but I’ve seen people with nearly 500K credits, so that might not a very good idea, unless they make the exchange rate something like 50K -> 50 Plat
  4. As HandsomeCam said, just make sure not to hit it XD Or if it’s possible, rebind the key?
  5. You’re not the only person who’s been asking that, and I also agree with you. It really needs to be changed.



I’d have zero problems with Taunts being removed from the game.

They seem to cause more salt and hate than enjoyment…


Make a smurf and play with noobs. U will see how fun are the taunts. Everyone taunts all the time in the worst situation.

Is the mentality of some players and what they say in their streams…


I have near 700k and before the last Lootpocalips i had 1m+ credits.

I will say this: i dont aprove the current​ prices of skins/taunts but they need a way to make some money… After all is a company and they need to make money or 2k will unplug the servers…

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Daily quests offer 2-10 Platinum a day(there’s a 32+ today) and each platinum taunt(350)/skin(700) is roughly 35 daily completions(that equal 10) per taunt and 70 daily completions for skins.

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I literally never taunt.

Never have, never will.

Aside from one stupid week long period a couple months ago where I “experimented” with taunting, but I just felt like I was bringing a bunch of bad karma on myself due to dong it.

F*ck taunting.

I’ve literally seen Battleborn friendships ended over a taunt or two.


I used to taunt, it was fun to taunt and get taunted, but “some” players got salty and annoyed and took it personal.

And guess what? Now i take it personal too, sometimes with players who are literaly insulting you or anyone in their streams. Since i knew what was the meaning behind their taunts i stoped taunting at all. I dont want to make ppl think im like them.

And that made me sad rly sad. I spent money in taunts, real money, but i cant use them anymore.


Do u want the servers running?

Think of it like this: every time u get free plats from one way or other u r getting payed for playing.

Skins/taunts are not mandatory. Yes overwatch give their skins for free but have u seen how many ppl spend $150 dollars trying to get a skin? Thats why i hate magnus packs.

  1. It’s not a drop-in/out style game but I know people that hate certain maps & modes and others that just want to find a game(a visible lobby with people would fill up quick). Then there’s Story/Ops where people struggle to find people to play with or they are in the matchmaking screen for 20+ minutes and decide to play it solo.

  2. I understand there are names users can create for loadouts but this just makes it easier to know if the loadout is appropriate to the match & your team role. It also lets people track what gear people use rather than looking at the tiny icon and trying to match it up to the database picture.

  3. I can see why having everything be unlocked with a currency exchange rate of blue credits to platinum may be bad for gearbox profits, but with their player base dwindling they could just bring in more taunts, skins & flair to purchase and the seasoned players may have enough to purchase them with the platinum/blue credits they have earned while others may be more inclined to pay than grind.

  4. I’ve had a group of 10 turn into a group of 6 because people don’t like taunts. I personally don’t like my controller freaking out and thinking I hit the button. A function in matchmaking would work & a separate setting for users would solve my issue.

  5. This could open up a marketplace to trade flair or at the very least make the flair once in your inventory available to equip on the appearance screen which would give people reasons to purchase Magnus Packs & farm.

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@Social_Gamer I think this game is incredible as is. With that being said implementing these changes would make it even better. The only thing I’d add to the list is to be able to sort gear by its function. Making it easier to see every piece of gear you have that effects a particular thing like attack damage, max health, etc.


A lot of us from your chat, for starters. @Codarik and i start every Toby/Kelvin match by timing a taunt and yelling “Go Team Arctic!”. Throne does it. @AncientBelgareth does it. @viraforti does it. A lot of us like it.

I would. I enjoy seeing Toby’s “aw shucks” and “hang time” taunts on a regular basis, while lobbying.

Perhaps from your viewpoint, but not mine. I can see the point of view of people who have this opinion, but i also feel that they are misdirecting their contempt. Taunting in and of itself, aside from the definition of the word itself, IS NOT 100% bad in Battleborn, as some people seem to think. Yes, some people choose to be toxic and taunt every kill, even on low-levels. Many taunts ARE even more or less intended to be a “f*ck you”. Yet what about the funny ones, which are clearly intended to make people laugh? Think back to Big-Head mode; wasn’t 90% of the funny pictures, in the much-liked thread concerning them, of the characters taunting?

PEOPLE are responsible for the salt in regards to taunting. THEY choose to utilize them in a toxic manner, and THEY choose to let it get to them. I’m guilty of being mad upon being taunted; many people are. Just as i’m guilty of focusing the player who taunted me, killing them, and taunting them in return sometimes. However, is it the TAUNT that upsets us, or is it the PERSON using it to upset us? You know the answer…


Server browsers show all the games going on so you can easily join them and customize the room settings to your liking instead of waiting in the only populated queue forever only to have pre-mades stomp you and not always being able to choose the mode/map you want. So it doesn’t really make sense why a lack of a drop in/out mechanic would make server browsers not help the game.

These post from console players sure make me face palm hard…


I love taunts. I think they are wonderful. But I don’t take any video games seriously, so they don’t upset me, they just add to the experience and competition.

I know I said that I don’t take video game seriously and then said that I like the added competition, so It may sound like I contradicted myself. But, that is true. I get competitive over most things, but at the end of the day its just a video game, and has little effect on my life. So, when I’m in the zone I have fun with the competition, but I don’t get sore when someone taunts me.


I know the feeling. This one time, someone actually made a completely non-constructive thread about how Battleborn “made them break their desk”.

I was all:




mutters, grumbles

I suppose so…


A huge distinction that is needed, I have a few select favorite taunts that typically are a show of respect rather than mocking