5 things we should know before Battleborn Release

Make friends with a Miko. :mushroom:

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I. Be cool.
II. Don’t be stupid
III. Don’t be an a***ole
IV. Communicate clearly
V. Have fun
VI. Spread the good word

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dont steal my character
leveling up equipment gives a sizeable chunk of xp
make sure your mic isn’t on all the time. feedbacks a bitch
push hard

  • All the characters are awesome. Even the ones you don’t think look very awesome are probably more fun to play than half the characters you’ve played in other games, and some will straight-up surprise you. Try them all.

  • Even if you don’t normally like PvE, try it. A game doesn’t take long, it’s near-constant action, it gets you loot for PvP, and the dialogue is freakin’ hilarious.

  • Even if you don’t normally like PvP, try it. A game doesn’t take long, it’s more about teamwork and objectives than mad twitch skills, two of the three game modes are PvE/PvP hybrids anyway, and the dialogue is freakin’ hilarious.

  • In PvE, stand on the glowing yellow pads with the foot icon above them. They bring you glory & treasure and while standing on them you are exponentially more attractive to a demographic of your preference.

  • In PvP, prioritize killing enemy robots & towers and protecting your own. They’re more important than you think they are, no matter how important you think they are.


THIS!!! Thank you, thats a great tip! Played CTT+Beta but had no clue :dizzy_face:

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Thing #6: once you’ve played a few games and gained a basic working knowledge of the game, read this entire list of tips top-to-bottom, because you probably don’t know any of them yet.

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  1. If you are miko, I don’t want to see you attacking
  2. Mind the helix FONT
  3. Mind Galilea and Ambra
  4. please, upgrade base
  5. Please, help teammates get dual thralls.
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Miko is a damage-machine and if the player handles her good she can be a resourcefull healer at the same time. I would not built up prejudices for characters that are so versatile :slight_smile:

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My top 5…

  1. If it doesn’t change with full release… don’t give up on split screen, at first the map placement is awful… But you will get used to it.

  2. On that note, don’t under estimate the importance of the mini map, it shows you where you are, where your allies are, where the enemies are… It can (and IS!) useful, look at it.

  3. Shards, shards, shards… Turrets, turrets, turrets. (Matches)

  4. Shards, shards shards… Healing bot/turret bot… Whatever they are called, use them. (Storymode)

  5. I don’t care how much you have played Borderlands, this ISNT Borderlands, you can’t constantly respawn in storymode, so DONT go running in on enemies than expect someone to risk themselves to revive you.


I notice you called Miko a ‘she’ and was wondering the correct singular third-person pronoun would be?

Could be wrong but I think it’s ‘they’…

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:smiley: I think “they” is perfect! I kept calling “her” a “she”, don´t even know why^^

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Are you by any chance female in gender?.. This could be why you go for the ‘she’ option… Sometimes one links/connects more with a character of their own gender.
(I know I like to pretend I’m the character I play… Judge me as you will)

But if you are male, then ignore my above ramblings, haha.


Hehe, yeah I´m a girl^^ So you could be right that its a subconcious thing.

I do that too, but I play mostly male characters :smiley: (I can be a girl in reallife as much as I want, in virtul worlds I usually choose males…)
BB is the first game where my mainchar will be a fourarmed female^^ Just love Orendi, shes´s like me with to much coffee.
Overall GBX makes the best female characters.


Not to keep things off-topic (though aren’t we always? ;)), but quoting the official website:

"The last surviving bud of a planet-spanning fungal colony, the otherworldly Miko is regarded as a capable “combat botanist”, healing and protecting its allies while hurling poison-tipped kunai at pretty much everything else.“
"Miko’s primary attack hurls a barrage of poison-tipped Kunai, while its secondary activates a Healing Beam that restores health to target allies.”

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I’m just reading the off topic comments… the list on this post was suppose to go towards my new youtube video but its fine, i’ll just publish it lol

I feel you, I might not have the body requirements of a male… But ain’t no one gonna tell me I don’t make a butt kicking Nathan Drake :wink:

Edit: Sorry for going off topic!

Sorry for that mess^^ But I red many great 5-points here, I´m sure your vid will be awesome!

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Thanks friend, I even dwindle it down to 3 things, the video is already 7 mins long

Thanks for the info.

I just thought ‘it’ was a ‘they’ since ‘it’ refers to ‘itself’ as a ‘we’ lol


Did I comment this already? maybe I hit cancel. I finished uploading the video. Thanks everyone for your help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0sk6SA3oxw. I added you Ryballs at the end of the video along with your topic.

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