5 things we should know before Battleborn Release

Sorry for that mess^^ But I red many great 5-points here, I´m sure your vid will be awesome!

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Thanks friend, I even dwindle it down to 3 things, the video is already 7 mins long

Thanks for the info.

I just thought ‘it’ was a ‘they’ since ‘it’ refers to ‘itself’ as a ‘we’ lol


Did I comment this already? maybe I hit cancel. I finished uploading the video. Thanks everyone for your help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0sk6SA3oxw. I added you Ryballs at the end of the video along with your topic.

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  1. I am Deande, always.
  2. You are Miko, always.
  3. You will follow me everywhere I go and heal me, always, even when I am at full health. Always.
  4. If I die, it’s your fault because you didn’t heal me. Yes, ALWAYS.
  5. If we lose, it’s also your fault because you didn’t heal the rest of the team. But if you do then it’s your fault when I die because you healed them imstead of me. Always prioritise me and NEVER heal the team, but if you don’t it’s your fault that they died. A L W A Y S .

Lotta pressure on Miko players n this game :frowning:

Seriously, though -

  1. Shards. Know where they are, what purpose they serve and what to do with them.
  2. Gear. Play PvE to collect gear, understand the gear system and know when to use cheaper gear over better but more expensive gear.
  3. Factions. Every faction has a small niche perk, know them and understand them. Eg. Eldrid health regen but no shields, all Jennerit have lifesteal of some form, etc.
  4. Support. Know the value of the support characters, Miko is not the only supporter and not always the best choice for the team.
  5. Tanks. Tanks are important, particularly in Incursion. Know their roles and know why they’re so valuable, know how to use one and how to play with one on the team.
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Haha I’m a male who constantly refers to Miko as a she. But mostly only because in my opinion it’s voice is closer to a females.

But who knows. Maybe I have a thing for mushrooms. Damn you Frued!

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1.) this isn’t CoD or destiny. don’t run around thinking it is team death match.
2.) avoid galilea unless they fix her. no one with any integrity will respect you if you pick her
3.) que solo until you are strong. after that you can join up into a premade. you don’t want to pub stomp randoms until you know how to play because you will never actually improve in a premade.
4.) incursion is for newer more inexperienced players, and meltdown requires a lot more strategy.
5) did i mention to avoid choosing galilea like the plague?

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I agree for the most part, but I think point 4 is the opposite. Meltdown is quite simple, destroy enemy minions while protecting your own.
Incursion requires more strategising, playing with a tank is important in defending and pushing the lane and when playing against an equally skilled team it’s not just about push and destroy, you need to know when to push and when to call in megabots (That’s what I call them) and thralls for an assault. A badly timed push could throw you in front of enemy minions with no support.

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A Miko that just healbots is missing out on a lot of the characters utility. You want them using slow/stun spore and tossing a few kunai while providing triage.

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