50,000 Slain by Psychotic Penguin


Vagrantdad I know this can’t be the end. You’ll hop on here and then huh

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(Vagrantsun) #22

If anyone calls for a death squad I’ll represent. I’m just not going to cruise around of my own accord anymore.

(Not-Toby) #23

You actually refer to it as “death machine” like
99% of the time. Also: you called it “crap”.
BTW What’s with all this shouting…compensating for something?


So, just wanted to throw some mad props and congratulations and respect out there to my man @vagrantsun for finally achieving his landmark of getting 50K player kills in Battleborn PVP!

Super impressive!

And I get the impression that most of those were with Toby!

Can any of you imagine grinding through 50 thousand kills as Toby?

A daunting task, to say the least!

Now, our guest speaker Zero will say a few words:

/Enemies melted
Like blood ice cubes in the sun
Vagrant never stops/




Congratulations, Vagrant!

Way to keep the Battleborn flame alive!

EDIT: my bad Vagrant I wasn’t aware you had already started your own topic when I made this one! Thanks for the topic merge @giuvito !

(Vagrantsun) #25

16.3k on Toby. Nemo still holds the record for most scrubs wrecked on a single character, but, uh, I’ll probably let him hold onto that record, I think.

Thanks, man.



So who are the other 33-34K spread between?’

Do you know anyone else creeping towards or with more than 50K kills?

(Vagrantsun) #27

I’ve got another 11k on Benny and 6k on Attikus - the rest is spread pretty evenly between all BB that aren’t Galilea and Thorn.

Shadows_Haven and Lakeland Gamer should be close to 50k. Supernovasnipe’s at 42k, I know.

(PSN: The_za_27 aka scrub king ) #28

You guys are ridiculous. I’m not even at 25k

(Penguin connoisseur.) #29

I’ve got between 800-900 with Toby. FEAR ME!!

…Please? When you have a sec!

(Jennerit Supremacist) #30

Same. But the fact that Miko is my second most played may have something to do with that.

(Vagrantsun) #31

It has a lot to do with character choice and how much you solo queue. You don’t play chasers and don’t solo IIRC, so your total body count is lower. It’s not that you’re worse, it’s that we’re bored and antisocial.

(PSN: The_za_27 aka scrub king ) #32

How many hours total?

(Vagrantsun) #33

It’s up there in my stats: 1,446.

(Random Name) #34

wow, that’s a lot, 50k. i only got to 36k myself