50/150 Rad anoint: where is it?

Has anyone been getting items with this anointment (especially in DLC3)? I wasn’t playing for a long while until DLC3 hit so not sure about before it but I played through all DLC3 and never saw one item drop with this anointment and I saw a lot of items drop. Just curious if it’s actually dropping or bugged.

Yea, I’ve gotten several of them on the dlc 3 guns so they’re definitely out there.

On a related note, has anyone seen the new action skill damage roll on the coms that was supposed to have been introduced? Since the dlc launch I have yet to see that one drop on anything

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Nope. I haven’t seen that one, either.

I’ve seen both, the Com w/ AS Damage is pretty rare and the anointment is competing with like 20 others so it’s hard to get it.

Ah word, I’ll keep looking haha.
I actually found several Frequencies with the 50/150 rad annoint, just sent you one too haha

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Did they alter the coding of anointments to more likely match the character you are playing? When I went through the DLC3 the first time on Fl4k I saw almost all Fl4k anointments with the exception of the neutral ones and I never saw a 50/150 anoint. After barely starting DLC3 on my Moze I just got this:

I know that isn’t a Moze specific anoint but it probably is the best Moze anoint (not saying much). I’m also seeing a lot of IB and AB specific anoints now that I’m on Moze. Just feels like a much higher amount of mods are dropping that are appropriate to the class you are on than I remember. Too bad so many of the Moze specific anoints are garbage.

I’m always on the hunt for 50/150 RAD as well as Cnt/ Cryo on my Zane, i have not seen many 150 RAD anoint myself either…

The more you want a specific anoint to roll for you, the less likely you would find it…

RNG sucks…

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I’ve seen Action Skill Damage on COM roll only once in whole DLC3.

For some reason not a single 50/150 radiation anointment, and I farmed Ruin quite a bit.

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I’ve never even seen +action skill dmg on class mod yet, i’ve been farming seein’dead a lot lately…nothing…

wish me luck ever getting a god roll such as
+weapon dmg
+weapon crit
+Action skill dmg …


Only found 2,the Harold and the Gargoyle with the 50/150 anointment.

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Those are pretty nice guns to find that on. :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten an Executor with 12% Maliwan Weapon Damage, +37 Assault Rifle Damage and +36 Action Skill Damage. I haven’t even used it yet, but I suppose I really need to try it out.

And also a Rowdy Unsporting Seein’ Dead, with +36 Action Skill Damage, +37 Sniper damage and +59 COV weapon accuracy.

My apologies, I’ve been scoring all the airborne crit, damage, and handling anoints. Perhaps I can share those moving forward.

Seriously I’ve seen one ASE drop and a couple exit iron bear drops in two play throughs of DLC 3. The rest have been airborne.

I had a class mod for zane drop from graveward with something like 36% skill increase the other day

With the over abundance of horrible and useless anointments now, you will be very lucky to get any weapon with a good anointment on it these days.

GB literally went all in on quantity over quality.


Yeah, i got one. A pretty decently rolled one too.



No Redistribution. Throw it in the trash!

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Oh damn, I’m jealous haha. That’s what Im looking for. Does mind sweeper drop from any dedicated sources?

Dedicated source of mind sweeper is tink of cunning, but i got it from the final boss of the third dlc. He drops classmods quiete often.

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