50/150 Rad anoint: where is it?

A good rolled com is harder than winning the lotto in BL3. Congrats @SHOKKERZ91 looks like you get to Bang a Bizzilionaire!!!


Dedicated source of mind sweeper is tink of cunning, but i got it from the final boss of the third dlc. He drops classmods quiete often.

Yeah I think farming Ruin is way more practical and faster. Currently Moze can blow Ruin up in a couple of seconds with Iron Bear and Mind Sweeper even on Mayhem 10. And Save/Quit is very fast as well, and puts you right outside his arena.

Much more efficient than running Proving Grounds. And you might get some other decent drops as well.

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That actually made me laugh out loud haha. Almost spat out my coffee


The irony of all this? Moze atm doesn’t need that +AS damage roll on her COMSs. I altered my Green/Red tree build some to incorporate more IB stuff (kept red tree capstone and back out of green tree) and even without the blue capstone the damage output is sick.

I ended up removing some of the points so I could go back more into the green tree but even with the large majority of my points in “Moze” vs “IB” my damage with Moze pales in comparison. I don’t have the survivability or duration or splash damage bonuses that a full blue tree has but I can still just jump into IB anytime and insta-gib everything so it’s quite OP atm.

Yea, IB is ridiculous right now. I adjusted my build and IB can kill anything in the game easily. I did a solo GTD on mayhem 10 using Raging Bear com. IB didn’t die once, moze didn’t die once, was in IB 99% of the takedown lol.

Dual corrosive rail guns ate Scourge for breakfast. It was pretty hilarious and I don’t even have a good Raging Bear com. Cool thing is if you don’t need IB to last forever you can just put a Mind sweeper on and IB procs all the micro grenades lol