50-50 incursion stalemate points?

Ok just got done doing a match where we lost because of stats according to the game. The only thing they beat us at was healing given and somehow their sentry kill counted even though the minions took it out and ours didn’t when we took it down . Does anyone know exactly what counts more than the other? We ended at 50-50.

were we playing the same match? a simillar thing happened to us. I was the ghalt on the other team if you were playing me, lol and I agree I cant believe we won that.

The team we played against had a benedict go like 16-0

First blood?

This was on Xbox one. Just wondering what they take into account besides what’s shown and yes we drew first blood

It was stated that whichever team won the most stat categories should be the winner. And if that was a tie it would be determined by first blood. If you ask me it seems bugged and works “backwards”. Every tie match I have played, the win seems to go to the team with the LEAST amount of stats won. I have been on both sides of this.


only had one tie and we were declared the winner even tho we got trounced in columns won. tat ws first day of update.

If it ties:

It checks score

If score =

It checks first blood.

Had a tie game. We had higher score and stats… we lost

It’s been bugging out on me. I’ve had several incursion matches where my team clean sweeps the categories, but we end up losing because of the enemy team getting 1st blood.

I was actually ok with the system in place before, I just wish that damage dealt/minion kills counted towards score.

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Was that on monuments? I might’ve been that Benny.

I’ve had this happen, too, My team was better in everything except healing, and we lost. It seems bugged.

I can check later! If you see your match history, do you see a Jaden8675309 in the game?

Yeah I remember you. I played against you in a game of monuments where you were Ghalt. I think I was either Caldy or Benny.

ahhh How does it feel to know that you legitimately carried your entire team on your shoulders? By the second half of the game we were on voice chat trying to come up with ways just to shut you down but failed miserably. You gave me and the other two people on my voice chat a terrible time and we figured that you were using us for target practice.

And the final score said you lost, yes? How did it determine you lost I have no idea. We were 50 50 but you had a slight lead in almost every category

See I can’t remember. I know for a fact I played against you but I can’t remember if we won or lost or if I was Caldy or Benny. I’ll have to try and find the match if it’s still recorded when I get home.

Cool, I am excited to check it when i get back from work as well.

To un-derail this thread - yes the scoring system for incursion when it is a tie is LoL worthy. Im positive it will be reverted back to a normal system - likely as soon as tomorrow (because it’s so blatantly ridiculous) so im not even too perturbed by it.

However, it does make me scratch my head a bit at the people “upstairs” in GbX who make decisions like these…and makes me question if they even know how to alter game modes down the line.

Like, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how terrible the scoring change was. Somehow this went through and got a green light by a group of professional game testers. Somehow.

EDIT - if i can elaborate slightly more…Did the GbX devs really intend on having won columns like “accelerators destroyed” counting just as heavily as a column like “damage taken”?

Maybe there is an intelligent algorithm which weighs certain columns more heavily than others, and if so I apologize on my harsh review of this new tie system. But if in fact they’re all weighted equally? Can you imagine that? Haha. Better work on my supply stations built skillz and oversheild damage dealt ability.

I just checked and sadly I could not find it :sob:

I will search later! this war is not over

Points are counted as follows: 2 pts to the team score per kill and 1 point to the team score per assist. So, potentially, if your entire team participates in killing one character on the enemy team then you get 6 pts max. 2 from the one who secured the kill and 1 each from each teammate who assisted in killing them. At the end of the game the team’s total score accumulates to create the team score. No other stats beyond assists and kills are apart of your team score.