50 Dollars? That's disgraceful!

I could live with $30, but $50!! No way!

What in the hell Gearbox?

Just wait a month or two and it will be $30 or less. Just like Battleborn.


I understand why many will see $50 as being too much.
But, with PCF being a fully independent studio now, the more money gained from smaller projects like this… the better suited they will be for future projects.

As said above, you don’t have to buy it at release. You can wait for a sale.
Personally, to support PCF (and have a copy of the game that doesn’t require GFWL) I will be buying this at release.
Also, BulletStorm was one of my favorite games of 2011.

Just want to point out that there’s a 15% discount at most retailers for pre-ordering. I don’t say that to sound like a shill or anything, just because it’s relevant. Food for thought, if you will. :slight_smile:

We’re all really excited about FCE (both development and publishing teams) and believe fans of the game (both old and new) will be too!


It’s like Gearbox is really trying hard to make the entire industry hate them with these kind of tactics.

They show off great ideas, but then tear them down with horrible decisions straight after.

That 15% discount is pathetic and they’re not giving any discount to current Bulletstorm owners.

Also if they sell the Duke add on after the remaster is released that’s gonna be even worse because knowing Gearbox the add on price is gonna be horrible.

Think of this from a business perspective, do you honestly believe you could see yourself selling a remaster of a 5 year old game that didn’t even make a profit at the same price of a full release game as appealing and welcoming to new gamers and even people who already own it?
It’s pretty damn obvious Gearbox didn’t do any marketing research at all.

They couldn’t even make a good trailer to the damn game, that music was a terrible choice.

You sound like an entitled crybaby. The trailer was great and the music fit.



Keep it civil or don’t comment. This can be discussed without the need to resort to name calling.

Also, feel free to discuss your concerns with pricing. But, remember, bad-mouthing GBX, it’s employees and affiliates is against the rules you agreed to when you joined the forums.

Even tho im not getting it good luck getting sales on this. Its crazy to charge 50 bucks for a remaster.

It’ll sell.
It won’t be ground breaking sales records or anything. But, it will sell… most likely well enough.
There’s been a pretty strong demand for this game from a pretty dedicated group of fans.

50 dollars is too much for some, but, for others… it’s fine.
And, I am one of those. I love BulletStorm, and there are certain developers I will support no matter what. And PCF are one of them.

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Strong demand you say? I don’t see it. Alot of the popular gaming sites reported on this and the forum goers were saying why this game? They were expecting something else entirely from GB not bulletstorm. It didn’t sell well back then and i have a feeling it won’t sell well again this time around. Sure its a remaster but you can’t put a fresh coat of paint on something that has been out before and expect it to sell like hotcakes. History may repeat itself but thats my opinion on the matter.
We will see tho what will happen tho. Makes me wonder why GB just won’t do what the fans want. We wanted more DLC to tide us over till BL3 comes but instead we get this game. Perhaps Battleborn drained them dry on there funding. If that was the case then a DLC would have made them more cash then a rerelease of a game would have.

This has ZERO impact on any internal development Gearbox is doing.

People Can Fly are handling all of the development of this remaster themselves. GBX are only publishing it.
GBX are still able to continue their normal development cycle unhindered.

And, just because you don’t see it… doesn’t mean it isn’t there.
You keep referring to this based off what you feel “GBX fans” want. This isn’t for them, this is for fans of BulletStorm, for fans of People Can Fly.

The people that have been asking PCF when they would return to BulletStorm, if the game would be brought to modern systems… more and more.
PCF own BulletStorm. They own the IP. They developed the original, and they are handling the remaster. GBX have stepped in to help fund this process, and give PCF the means to release it.


Thing is, and I’ll leave out the PCF part out of this because @Damien_Azreal explained it already, GBX is currently working on the last bits of content for Bb (season 2 won’t happen, that’s for certain) and started on BL3.

Borderlands 2 is already running on all the memory 7th gen consoles have, and The Pre-Sequel is unfeasable to stil develop DLC’s for (even if I’d love to see the canceld DLC come to light, it wont happen).

Yeah, not gonna lie, 50 bucks for a remaster is something I don’t agree on. I’d rather see the pricetag of 40 max. All it means is that I wont get the remaster on release though. Probably be too busy with Horizon: Zero Dawn anyway.

Agreed. I may not buy it on the day of release but it will end up in my library.

The game was misunderstood. It wasn’t about playing through a campaign, in the traditional FPS way. It was about taking each of the campaign missions and racking up high scores and skill shots. In fact, the game could have been a series of Echoes, since they are Bulletstorm in its purest form. I’m not knocking the campaign. It’s just that story comes in a long way behind the fun gameplay.

One of my regular co-op partners didn’t “get” the game first time around. He tried the demo but couldn’t make head nor tail of it. We were discussing the remaster. I said it was about the scoring not the linear playrthrough. We both reinstalled the demo. We were on-line last night and the first thing he said to me was “4570”. I replied “8390”. He finally “got” it :slight_smile:

If GBX and PCF can get that over, in what little marketing they can afford, it might get a few new fans. You never know.

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The major gaming sites don’t see it eather besides myself. Maybe you should tell them your post like you did me. They would love to here it cause there just like me was wanting something else besides this. You should read the posts all over the web. Disapointment.

Also whats wrong with wanting another DLC for borderlands series. I don’t see nothing wrong with that one bit. Sure its past its life cycle but it would have made them alot of money.

Still would have drew in revenue if a DLC was made. People would flock to it in a heartbeat instead of rereleasing a remaster. My opinion.

You can want more DLC for Borderlands, this project has absolutely nothing to do with that. And going on and on about it here, or telling me to go tell news sites doesn’t change anything.

Gearbox have long since moved past the DLC phase for BL 1 and 2. The first game released in 2009, and BL2 in 2012. It’s unrealistic to expect them to continue to supply new DLC for games that old.
GBX has shifted focus at this point to Battleborn. And there’s word of a few projects in the works that haven’t officially been announced.
Even the Pre-Sequel came out in 2014. Two years ago. You can’t expect them to always be able to just do new DLC, they have to “cut the cord” and move on at some point.

You may find that disappointing, but it’s not People Can Fly or BulletStorm’s fault. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting more, but there is something wrong with trying to blame a project for it when it has no impact at all.

GBX are still developing their own content. Nothing has changed there. But, your disappointment with this announcement is more so that you’re just upset GBX have moved on from BL 1 and 2… and this Bulletstorm re-release makes an easy target.

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Nothing wrong with wanting one. Just a tad unrealistic given that BL2 is already mexed out on console, and the studio that did all the work on TPS got closed down by 2K ages ago. But BB has new content and major overhauls coming out soon, and BL3 is in development.

There are between 5x more players playing Borderlands than Battleborn and 8x more playing The Pre Sequel than Battleborn. At times there are nearly 50x more people playing Borderlands 2 than Battleborn (all PC stats of course). Just because a game is newer does not make it better. There is definitely opportunity to make money on another fun type DLC for the Pre Sequel. It would sell quite handsomely. I do realise that it is not going to happen but one can be hopeful.

Yeah… it’s got nothing to do with which game is better or has more players.
A studio can not realistically, or financially keep supporting older games with a stream of new content and still want to make new games.

Specially when they rely on publisher funding to create said games and content.


They can do whatever if it continues to be profitable. Financially it is not a wise move to put money into a failing game when the same money could be put into an existing game for better return. The potential for Battleborn has gone. There is a huge base of Borderlands players that currently would be happy to pay for whatever DLC was released for it.