50 Dollars? That's disgraceful!

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Last thing I will say on this, as this is way off topic. If you wish to discuss Borderlands future, there are sections above specifically for that. Same for Battleborn.

BUT… they can not do “whatever they want” when developing games. Specially additional, post-release content. Funding for Borderlands and it’s following DLC comes from the publisher. 2K in this case. Supplemented partially by sales of previous DLC and releases.
But, mostly from the publisher based off of sales expectations and goals.

And, as a publisher, no matter how well a title sells or continues to sell, they will always push for a new product eventually.
There has to be a cut off. And, as a creative entity, it’s more fulfilling to create something entirely new, not just continue to add content to an existing item.

There may be a huge BL fan base, that would pay for more DLC, but… 2K also knows they will gain higher sales from a full fledged sequel. It’s a business. You have to end one game’s life cycle, so you can make the next entry more enticing for players.
Why care about the next entry, when you can still get DLC for the previous one? Why spend $60+ for a new game, when you can spend $20 bucks on a DLC that can add hours.

I mean no offense, but it’s foolish to think they can do whatever they want simply because Borderlands is popular.
That’s not how the gaming industry works. No matter how successful a game is, it always has a lifespan when it comes to post-release support (both in terms of updates, and DLC). And the majority of the time, those are things agreed upon between the publisher and the developer.
To allow the studio the chance to create new projects.

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How in crap do you know all this. Are you Gearbox’s payroll or something? You sound like you got your ear to the main offices in there headquarters. No offense but you sound like a good lawyer to me.

You seem to take mighty afence to me pointing out that this game might bomb in sales and on one will like it. Its an old game and im talking old. Alot of people on there facebook page and around the web have snubbed there noses to this title. I’m just pointing this out. And also how do you know that GB has other titles in the works? Do you have a crystal ball?

Whatever dude. I know for a fact it might not sell well. Infact it might end up like BB or even worse. Now don’t get defense on me now and start stating this and that about i don’t know how well it will sell. But if the web is laughing about this then its not a good sign for the future ahead. Lastly i do know which sections of the forums to talk about BL and BL the presequal. I did read your last post a few times. You get mighty defensive about this game. I’ve noticed it pretty quickly when i posted my frustrations about it.
I want GB to do well. Not just be a one trick pony and come out to do a few tricks every now and then. I want them to do well. I’m not a downer as everyone may think i am. I just beleive they can do better by not producing games that will not sell well or sell at all. Thats my true intentions on here.

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Bingo. That right there is the winner of the day on this post. This guy gets it.

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I don’t agree at all but it is off topic so I will leave it at that.

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I don’t agree eather but i guess time will tell and the gaming media will tell too.

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You know, there are clues that Gearbox is currently working on some unannounced projects. Like oh, say, opening an entire new development studio in Quebec? Or from putting together various tweets and such from Randy Pitchford and other Gearbox people. No crystal ball needed, just a little bit awareness and critical thinking.

Back in 2011 I wasn’t into shooters at all. I don’t know whether I’ll buy this game yet, but I’ve definitely got my eyes on it.

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This is largely basic knowledge if you know how the software dvelopment industry works. You would do well to research it yourself - it explains a lot about 2K and Take-Two’s actions around Battleborn’s post-launch issues.

That being said, much as I would like to see new content for BL2 or BLTPS, it is almost certain this won’t happen - once a game is considered finished then that project is 90% of the time closed to further development by the publisher. BL3 has been confirmed to have begun development, meaning it will likely be released late 2018 - mid 2019 (just a guess). Battleborn 2 or a re-release is also possible.

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The game is only five years old. That is not “I’m talking old” old.
In fact, the majority of the remakes that came out this year… were from 2011. Hard Reset, Dead Island, Skyrim…

And, I take no offense to any statements made here. It’s. The. Internet. It’d be stupid to get upset about anything said online.

I’ve simply been clarifying that this remaster has zero impact on GBX’s internal development work… as they are not doing any of it.
Also, as pointed out by a few other users, it’s easy to see that GBX are already working on future projects. They’ve never been a studio to just do “one thing at a time”.

As for BulletStorm’s sales… it’s impossible to know how well it will do. But, it will sell. It’s foolish and childish to say it won’t because you don’t like it, or "People online said it won’t sell…"
I already know people that have already pre-purchased. And, just like the Duke Nukem 20th Anniversary release (that people said wouldn’t sell)… it has it’s fanbase, and people will support it.
Yes, the price will put some people off. But not nearly as many as you’d think.

And keep in mind one basic principle, when it comes to negativity… those with something bad to say, will always say it louder and more often then those with something positive to say.
Negativity feels the need to be heard. It’s something I’ve seen for YEARS being a moderator online. From 3DRealm’s forums, to FEAR 2’s forums… to here.
Everything negative has to be screamed from the rooftops over and over, something positive… said a few times or not at all.
A lot of the forums on STEAM about “don’t buy this” are the same three or four people posting the same posts over and over.

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Well if GB don’t want the extra cash then thats there business. You got your opinion i got mine. As for Battleborn 2, ah i really don’t think that will happen unless the marketing is spot on and a bigger fanbase.

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People will support it true but from my view it doesn’t look that good. My opinion. We will see what happens, thats all i can say. If it sells we then that will be good but if it doesn’t then there will be a reason why it didn’t. We will see how it plays out in April.

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I agree Op, 50 dollars is too high. I’ll stick with having watched my friend play it back on the 360.


I mean I like Bullet Storm just as much as the next fan, but I don’t think I’d drop 50 for the same game I played in 2011. Especially when I can get the older versions dirt cheap somewhere online or just pirate it. I get that it takes money and time to create a remaster. 50 bucks just seems like a strech with a lot of games.

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