50% element damage

LF- anything that has 50% element damage

What do you have in to trade?

What you looking for

Flak stuff mainly anymore 100% on ase or 100% rakk attack. Trying to do a cyro build

I believe I have cutsman in fire shock and Corrosive with 100 rakk atk

Ok well I’ll let you know what I have when I get home

Any specific weapons you’re looking for? Have quite a few to list. Am interested in the Cutsman Rakk 100%.

Redistributior mainly but I can go for cutsman or ion lasers

Have corrosive Cutsman 50% shock, fire Cutsman 50% fire, and other elements with ASE 100%. Only have the rad/corrosive and rad/fire Ion Laser ASE 100% and Redistributors ASE 100% (cryo, shock, corrosive, rad), SNTNL (all elements), and Rakk 100% (fire).

42 is there anything you want for the cyro redistributior

What do you want for the cryo redistributior

#3 in line for cryo redistributor please

Lol we all want that one lol

I could go for the corrosive one though to lol

Oh wow, lol. Some items I’m still looking for:

  • Ember’s Purge ASE 100% wpn dmg
  • Ion laser ASE 125% splash dmg or wpn dmg to boss enemies
  • Craps Rakk 100%
  • Lucian’s Call ASE 100% (except cryo and corrosive)
  • Queen’s Call ASE 100% (cryo and corrosive)
  • King’s Call ASE 100% (fire and shock)
  • Transformer ASE 50% radiation dmg

Or other interesting items you have.

Transformer for it please

What’s your PSN? I’ll send you a FR in a bit.

my psn is Ice-T411