50 Things I Dislike About Battleborn

You really meant to respond to number 1 to 4, or did the forum change them? Because it seems like the forum changed them. ;p

Forum mark-up turns any number followed by a . into a numbered list item. So:

2. Second item
5. Fifth item
7. Seventh item

comes out looking like

  1. Second item
  2. Fifth item
  3. Seventh item

Try using a different format such as

2 - Second item
5 - Fifth item
7 - Seventh item

Yeah, I decided to place the number BEHIND the text now. Forum, you silly. Do you think I cannot count?

Valve can certainely use this help.

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A benedict that will not stay still, that’s who he is one of the fastest moving characters.

also i agree if the character sniping can get harsh. if two people pick the same character the game should do a RND roll to see who can get it.

Time out, flag on the play. Did you just sayAMBRA is a slow moving target??

She increase her speed by60% when over shield activates. I get away all the time. Not to mention I can chase down all but the fastest characters when they realize they are going to die.

I respectfully disagree

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#51. IT’S NOT OUT YETTTTTTTT :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:


I agree with 9 and 10.

People sure hate alot these days…Hating/Disliking has become the new Facebook-Like wave. I knew there´d be a twist!

Only thing I really dispike so far is the vey bad german dub/synch. Its not half as fun as the english version.
I heard other languages got rather bad dubs too (latin-spanish version), I hope the very best for all of you out there!

Boldur isnt here at all! BOLDUR WINS AGAIN!

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Neither is Miko, apart from his beam. Which is an input queuing issue that affects all characters… (Plz fix GBX) :mushroom:

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Benedicts reload? I have no issues qith it and I got him almost all the way to 15. Use Gear and his helix to offset it like I do.