50 ways to keep Gaige alive in UVHM

So, I’ll be editing this over time.

This is a elaboration of this thread as it pertains to Gaige.

I was thinking we should create a 50 pointer list of the best tips as to staying alive in UVHM (if we can’t get to 50, we’ll go up to whichever number we work our way up to).

Unlike the general list, this list can be centralized around the design of the character, and therefore can speak on specific builds as well as a moderate degree of item loyalty.

  • Please add a tip and a suggestion as to where it should be in retrospect to all the other tips.
    -This list will be numbered in order of importance, so if there is no consensus on the position of the tip, it shall be placed on the tail end.
  • Avoid tips that are too alike to previous tips.
  • Avoid tips that would allow for no personal influence on a build
  • Tips as to important items to own are welcome.
  • Tips as to common mistakes to avoid are welcome.

Lets begin!

  1. Anarchy in the U… VHM!
  2. Sharing is caring. Depending on your shield, your Deathtrap can be a KamikazeTrap.
  3. DT can act as a distraction, and retreating to a defensive position can be the difference between life and death.
  4. A warning about Sharing is Caring: When using a shield like Hoplite, and if you have SiC, then the game will re-apply the health penalty, leaving you with a maximum health of 1. And if you have Blood Soaked Shields, then every kill you make will put you in FFYL.
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A warning about Sharing is Caring: My main shield is a Hoplite, and if you have SiC, then the game will re-apply the health penalty, leaving you with a maximum health of 1. And if you have Blood Soaked Shields, then every kill you make will put you in FFYL.

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I/O will help in the DPS department. It’s not the most reliable slagging skill (unless you have 10/5 into it) but when it kicks in on a Badass you’ll be happy to have specced into it.

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^This. It’s the reason why I can use an Orphan Maker as my main weapon.

According to Shrimpling’s data (which I cannot access because of old forum shutdown), with 10/5 each stack is 20% chance to slag. If you have 5/5 in More Pep, it becomes 22% chance per stack. At 10/5 More Pep, it becomes 24% chance. With a coach gun, by the time you finish reloading and aiming you have two stacks, which is 48% chance to slag.

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Personally never bother putting more than 1 or 2 points into More Pep.

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That’s because you use a Twister, which can pseudo-bore, especially with Nth Degree, which I believe you said you have. But for me, 10/5 is great for an Orphan Maker, especially with a low-Anarchy build.

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Eh true. I’ll shut up about More Pep.

As for Nth degree, it can be stupidly powerfull against Constructors, even moreso when you use a Pimpernel.
Then again, I might be one of the few who actually spends 5 points on it.

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How to survive with Gaige: Blood Soaked Shields
That is all.

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Here’s Shrimpling’s IO data. It was made before UVHM2 was released, so it does not factor in the Legendary Catalyst.


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I like it, but I think we should expand on ALL of the things you can do with Blood Soaked shields.

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Amp shields. Nova shields. BLACK HOLE. I haven’t even gotten a bee yet, that shield is so awesome on her.
Whenever a bad guy is about to kill you, he gets interrupted by the singularity instead. You then kill him, and voila, another nova, ready to go.
It has great synergy with SiC and Explosive clap too

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It’s wise to go all-in either on speccing Deathtrap or Gaige. Doing a half-and-half type build is an easy way to leave both DT and Gaige underpowered and vulnerable.

At 72 there’s probably little more wiggle room to buff the character you didn’t focus on, but leveling can be real difficult if your points are split between the two.


That second tip is a real good one, if I can say so myself.

None all UVHM is endgame, and I feel like people have the most problems in the 55-65 range.

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Miscellaneous strategies:

  • Pre-stacking + an offense-is-the-best-defense playstyle (combine this with a Ravager or something else that’s fairly easy to get and does massive 1-shot damage)
  • (Slag) singularity grenades (to pull enemies off of you in a pinch)
  • Ignore flying enemies. Just run away from them. I’m not joking. (Unless you happen to have really great gear for killing them, e.g. an on-level dart of the appropriate element)
  • For most very tough fights, pretend to be Axton. Meaning, start from a distance: send in DT, then trigger dischord and stand back pumping damage into them. Don’t be too proud to farm up a bee if you feel stuck.
  • BUT for super badass constructors), instead pretend to be Sal: charge at them as they spawn, jump behind them and never stop shooting until they’re down. This will work best with rocket launchers, plasma casters, and similar very high DPS guns. (Obviously, don’t use this tactic if you’re not at high anarchy and can actually aim)
  • Re: SiC, get a flame of the firehawk on your first UVHM playthrough. It’ll last for most of the really tough levels (which are 55-65, I agree)
  • Have at least 3-4 points in cooking up trouble, and start every fight with full health.

Ummmm that’s all for now, folks.

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