500% elemental explosion annoint

Can it proc Short Fuse? -

Does it benefit from splash boosts? - Yes according to @sammantixbb as detailed in the following post 500% elemental explosion annoint

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Already saw that video and it answers neither of my questions.

i was linking the thread, where there are multiple people testing and figuring out the anointment.

It’s not the focus of the thread at all and only the post with the video involved testing it rather than guessing.

literally the 30-40 posts around that video are discussing the applications of the anoint. if the info is known, that’s where you’ll find it.

Or we could get the answer hear so that people don’t have to dig through a long mostly unrelated thread to find answers that aparrently don’t even exist yet. (and no one else seems to even be asking)

Then the answer is that we don’t have a concise answer yet. There is a lot of potential depth to the anoint and we’re still working through how to max it out.

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This thread will be waiting in the meantime.

Many of us just use a select few threads to discuss a bunch of stuff. The bust a bear thread covers a large amount of content and mechanics. Little extra reading never hurt.

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Due to my desire to not straight up copy builds, I tend to avoid the specific build threads in favor of the math/formula threads and the more generalized “Top Gear” and “skill analysis/rating” threads.

Maybe I should change that.

@sammantixbb wrote bust-a-bear as a build, but it’s a workshop discussion in the comments that covers a lot of interesting side effects of things.


In that case I will add it to my tagged threads after all. Still gonna add the answers here when they’re discovered with necessary credit though.

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I actually just realized I have the perfect way to test that splash question. I’ll let you know in a few

You don’t have to copy peoples build, but by reading or seeing something else, you might learn about a mechanic or interaction. You can also use someone else’s build as a base. Change a few skills where and there that aren’t essential to the build or swap out a gun that is similar to one you like.

Plus some build threads to have math in them.


so. The first step to testing if something gets splash is to do a test where you can see it with an without a Splash bonus.

My splash bonus of choice for testing is Green Monster. I have full control over when it activates without ever touching a menu.

So I got in Bear. With Hell Rails. And lit Kevin on fire. Then crit him.

And he got a Corrosive dot. I missed the numbers, but this Corrosive dot indicates that splash bonuses are applied because when playing with one point in skag den and a gm com, any splash damage can proc a full magnitude fire and/or Corrosive dot.

Next to see numbers :joy:

800k is crit. 11k is dot. 325k is crit dot with my standard setup. 5279 is the new Corrosive dot we just made :joy::joy:

Here, I’ve let the splash on the Gm com build. It’s not full, but what we have here is 800k crit. 11k dot. 502k dot nova with more splash. And the 45k GM Corrosive on the dot nova that will not be boosted by the splash damage


As for short fuse, I can’t test that currently. But I have high doubts that this anointment will trigger it. Because this anointment seems like not a bullet. But I’m not making any definite statements yet.

So this is a yes to splash boosts increasing overall damage of anointment effect?

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Absolutely. So Moze and Amara both have ways to get more mileage out of it

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Oh I already figured as much for Amarra. It was just Moze I was unsure on.

Ether way, thank you for putting in the testing work. Now updating the OP post.