53...what an odd number to have max

I dont really want to be negative because I want inceased level cap and skill points but just 3? What an irritating max level lol.

Not to mention this actually seems like to me that we’ll have to refarm our gear more overall times as they do this than otherwise say if it was jumped to 60. If that were the case people would get a few necessary pieces along the way and leave everything else for level 60 farming.

I get this is an idea to help with obsoleting gear less but I feel like there are probably better ways to do that since yeah farming gear plus the right annointments multiple times will be a pain.

Also we’re apparently one skill point short of two cap stones? Wtf lol.


farming gear has always been like that once dlc and new lvls come out. i feel your pain as i just got the gun i was grinding for.

also the lvl increase just being 3 is probably to keep everyone from having two capstones witch just 4 lvls would have gotten everyone. im sure we we all get them eventually but its still early in bl3s life span to be maxed

No, not like that. Level cap increases for the previous games had been way more substantial.
They way this is handled now you get all the “pleasure” of refarming, as three more levels for enemies means a lot of gear becomes useless, while not getting any sigificant increase in power through your skills. Seems to be a rather devious move to me.


Bl1 first lvl cap was 1 lvl

and bl2 had large lvl jumps that came with new end game dlc.
-before the ultimate vault hunter and Digistruct, bl2 added 11 levels throughout 4 dlc

this is a free event in bl3. We get an actual dlc drop in late march or beginning of april.

Are you sure? I quickly “binged” that and came up with 8 levels via patch and 11 levels via the secret armory dlc for BL 1.

yeah the first one was only 1 lvl

first lvl cap increase my b. i see where the confusion came from in my first reply

and i see what youre saying eventually the BL1 went all the way to 69. i may have remebered it wrong but
Bl2 didn’t get a lvl increase untill after 3 individual Dlcs.

I don´t even wanna argue the exact steps, as that is not my point. To me an increase of just 3 levels is not a boon to the players - we are just kept somewhat busy without any real return on the investment of our time.
The whole issue is extra aggravating, as this is nothing new. I remember an interview vith Randy Pitchford where he admitted, that a level cap increase was never a thing during BL 2 design, and thus posed massive problems to be overcome (quoting from memory here). And big suprise, same issue comes up with BL 3 - that really makes me scratch my head. Steep learning curve for essential game design choices, it seems.


exactly, the issues they are having is knowing players are going to want the lvl increase but still balancing it so its not broken once they hit the 2 capstones.

Well, if 4 extra skill points are going to break the game, why not wait. Do some more number crunching, planning etc.
Instead this seems like a rush job, and the timing after the red chest event only adds insult to injury.
Also, if that is the way they are going to handle level cap increases we are going to be put into an endless vicious cycle of baby steps. If on the other hand there will be no further increases (we´re just speculating here), then these 3 extra levels are ultra pointless.


they are waiting they’re basically giving you an appetizer to see what people can do with three lvls. they want to see if this is what those stretch builds that just needed 1 lvl or 2 to be good can actually hang with meta builds. the meta builds are just going to throw the three new points into things they already had to make the builds more consistent.
-and these three levels help them do exactly that when it comes to number crunching.

-the red chest event was a great help they even mentioned spreading out some of the exiting loot ooo the legends that don’t have dedicated drops, and said that they buffed the in game loot chance for some things permanently.

—and i’m not guaranteeing that it would or wont break the game i just remember how strong everything was in bl2 once you hit 2 capstones. i personally think its two early and would rather see a new skill tree for each character before 2 capstones.

Well I am a tall guy (6.27") - so I need a lot of appetizers :slightly_smiling_face:
Anyway, we can totally and amicably agree to disagree.