57 Cloning Maddening Tracker: is it bugged?

So I just got an upgrade to my CMT grenade. My previous one was lvl 50 and now I have a 57 version. It’s the same thing but just higher level. However, I have been noticing that a good 50% of the grenades that it splits into end up homing in on me instead of enemies. I never noticed this behavior before and for a while I thought maybe there was just an enemy behind me or something.

Finally just tested it and nope…they are homing onto me. I have died once from this and been knocked a few times. I also don’t think this is always happening so it might be intermittent. Is anyone else experiencing this? This sucks. I recorded a video of it and will post it in a bit.

All-stars will hit them back to you and wolvengars do something that can cause them to go back to the thrower, Possibly that?

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I didn’t know that about those enemies but no…it’s not those enemies. It’s a group of Cudgel Babbler mobs. DLC2 generic CoV type enemies. Video is uploading to YT now…will post it in a few. The odd thing is sometimes I have had it happen where there are no enemies left so the leftover MIRVS would like get stuck on me and follow me around for a bit without exploding immediately…I couldn’t see them but I could hear them. I didn’t know wtf was going on.

Cudgel Babblers might have the same hit back as All-Stars but if its happening with no enemies then I got nothing. Sorry bout that.

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Yeah, now that you mention it I do remember the All-stars doing that but I don’t remember it being that often and I thought recalled hearing the sound of a bat crack like someone hitting a baseball. It is possible I didn’t hear that or maybe I did and just don’t always hear it. I’m also pretty sure it was happening in the end part of DLC2 with all those turtle type enemies so it wouldn’t explain that, either…unless they have a similar effect.

Here is the video:

So I just tested this and it does look like you are right. I restarted and didn’t see it happening but as soon as I ran into one of those Cudgel Babbler enemies…happening again. The other times when there were no enemies I suppose he hit it back to me as I killed it and it sorta bugged out or something. Not sure. Either way, good call on the enemy type.

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This is so annoying in this DLC. My build relies on nades to heal via vampyr and there is such a high number of enemies that cause my own nades to kill me it’s insane. I either throw a nade and die from my own nade or don’t throw a nade and get no healing. Great enemy design…

I haven’t had issues in the rest of the game because there aren’t a high number of these enemies that I have noticed that do this but in this DLC they are everywhere. It’s one thing to have 1 out of 10 enemies that do this but having all the enemies (pack of Wolvengars) or multiple Cudgel Babblers clumped together this behavior completely disables the survivability portion of my build.

My work around for wolvengars was to throw more grenades. They only negate 1 at a time so I threw 2 epicenters at them. I don’t use a CMT so I don’t know how valid this tactic is with it.

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I actually did try this but I died even faster. There are so many MIRVs flying around they just swarm me and with a BoS shield and no heals coming in from nades I go down really fast.

I got nothing then. Sorry I know it works with my epicenter, but I just changed to a sapper build to stop relying on vampyr.

I had an issue with this too.

Changed over to a tracking hex with electricity and a transformer so my shields healed instead of disintegrated, don’t know if that would work with your build.

Of course depending on your element, might be an interesting elemental projector type build, planning on getting hit to dish out more damage, might be more of a pain than it is worth though.

Your results may vary

I don’t think that would work. Those grenade types don’t proc MoD so I get no grenade regen. That’s precisely why I use the CMT because it’s the best nade to regen more nades and since vampyr is really the only sustain option for Moze unless you go with a Bloodletter type build…yeah. That’s why these mobs are so annoying. No problems on Amara though! Amara: the chosen one.

This may be an issue with all dividing trackers. I had a couple of nades from a cryo recurring hex chasing me across the map in the new dlc last night. This was with Zane and drone delivery.

If you read the thread it was determined not to be the nade but rather the enemies. There are a few enemy types that have the ability to knock a nade back at you. Prior to this DLC it was only the CoV “All-star” enemy so maybe wasn’t as noticeable . In this new DLC all wolvengars and the CoV type enemy called the “Cudgel Babbler” will knock nades back at you and if it’s a homing type nade it will sometimes follow you around. Stupid mechanic.

Hmm, that’s kinda fun. Really bad mechanic for Moze players tho.

Would it be affected by the bullet reflect modifier?

Yeah, it’s really bad for Moze if you rely on vampyr for surviving. It was a novel thing before this DLC…you didn’t see a lot of those all-star enemies and you could hear the crack of a bat when they hit the nade back at you. I never really had an issue with them. However, in this DLC it’s crazy how many nades get thrown back at you. It totally disables vampyr which means no healing or killing yourself with your own nades. The only solution I could think is to use shock nades and a transformer shield or something but Moze shouldn’t have to do that if other classes don’t have to IMO.

It’s an enemy behavior so not related to player gear/skills. Some enemies have the ability to knock a thrown nade back at you.

I found today that Wolvenger Yowlers will jump up and catch them in their mouths and swallow the grenades.

I was using a Mirv Hex.

I recall one of the first things I had noticed with grenades in BL3 is that skags sometimes will either catch them in the air or pick them up off the ground then go running off with them.