57 stuff for trade, looking for 300% ps wpn dmgh

Stuff to trade

Hand guns
Moar linage: siren PS melee 200% w/fire

Venomous hornet: Siren PC wpn dmg 250%

Iron willed cuttin’ lil yeti: ASE 50% cryo

Extended nemesis: Siren PC 250% wpn dmg w/corrosive

Venomous hornet: ASE 50% incen dmg

Dastardly maggie: ASE crit dmg 25%

Dastardly maggie: ASE fr 11% reload 26%

Ginormous bangarang XL: ASE 50% shock

Super red bangarang XL: w/ radiation ASE 50% corrosive

Ginormous bangarang XL: Siren PC wep dm 250%

The Duc: Gamma burst 115% rad dmg

Wicked wagon wheel: ASE wep dmg 100%

Wicked wagon wheel: ASE 125% badass

Unending magnificent: STNL 100% cryo


Powerhouse oldrinian: ASE 125% badass

Synergized oldrinian: ASE 50% corrosive

Cash-infused oldrinian: W/shock ASE 50%

Powerhouse oldridian: ASE 100% wep dmg

Synergized oldridian: STNL 100% cryo

Binary mocking cutsman: W/fire ASE 50% ince

Binary mocking cutsman: W/fire ASE 125% badass

Binary compressing cutsman: ASE 125% badass

Assault rifles

Arctic trained soulrender: ASE 50% radiation full-auto

Relentless soulrender : BM RA 100% full-auto

Zeroed soulrender: ASE SED 75% full-auto

Venomous disciplined soulrender: W/corrosive, ASE 50% cryo

Breath of the dying: ASE 125% badass

Breath of the dying: Siren PSL 300% wep dmg

Negating sickle: W/cryo Siren PC 250% wpn dmg

Rowans call: W/radiation ASE 50% cryo


Cash-infused brainstormer: consecutive hit

Cash-infused brainstormer: ASE cri dmg 25%

Cash-infused brainstormer: ASE 50% incen

Unlimited superchargrd anarchy: W/shock ASE 50% corrosive

Unlimited supercharged anarchy +: W/shock ASE wrp dmg 100%

Cash-infused the butcher: W/shock ASE wpn dmg 100%

Redundant face-puncher: ASE 125% badass

Abundant inundating insider: W/shock&rad ASE 50% radiation

Binary spooling insider: W/shock&cryo Siren PS 300% wep dmg

Spooling insider: W/Rad&cryo ASE 125% badass (×2 other is ASE 100% wep dmg)

The lob: W/radiation ASE 50% incen

The lob: Siren PC wep dmg 250%

The lob: W/shock ASE 50% cryo

Burning flakker: ASE 50% incen

Spooling projectile recurssion: W/cryo & corrosive, ASE statues effect 75%


Nuclear vicious lyuda: Operative barrier SEC 50%

Resolute lyuda: ASE 50% incen

Vicious lyuda: Rakk att 100% dmg

Stark krakatoa: ASE 50% cryo


Targe old god: spike, projected, Extra rakk att

Zen old god: delay, recharge, att comand 8% movement spd

Contraband whiskey tango foxtrot: 13% fire res, absorb, reflect ASE melee 100%

Mercenary whiskey tango foxtrot: 13% fire res, amb, booster, Siren PS 200% melee dmg

Trojan whiskey tango foxtrot: 20% shock res, turtle, roid, ASE 50% incen

Ironclad pacifier: 20% shock res, turtle, fortify charge, ASE reg 5% hp/sec

Nomadic pacifier: 20%shock res, health, vagabond, ASE ASCD 20%

Replicator Stop-gap: 20% shock res, adaptive x2, ASE 50% cryo

Surge big boom blaster: 13%fire res, recharge, nova, ASE 50% incen

Run-and-gun big boom blaster: trigger happy, fleer, ASE 50% rad

Trigger happy breathing room big boom blaster: Trigger happy, safe-space, ASE 50% incen

Frantic re-charger: brimming, fleet, ASE 50% shock

Hypodermic re-charger: Operative digi-clone regain 3% hp/sec

Looking for

300% phaseslam wep dmg soulrender, with any element and must be full-auto

Elemental projector W/ wep dmg and ascd. Would prefer 3rd buff as element dmg

Whiskey tango foxtrot shield: W/ ASE 20% CD, absorb. Last buff as one of the boosters or adaptive

Spiritual driver: W/ wep dmg and ASCD, 3rd buff dont really care, but prefer reload speed or element dmg boost