5760x1080 issue: UI scaling

I’m running the game on three screens using NVidia surround. Thus, the game is running in 5760x1080 mode. In this mode, I cannot see some of the UI completely. I have reduced the UI as much as the game allows, but it doesn’t fix the issue.


I’m just here to confirm this problem. My wife and I both run Nvidia Surround, hers on 5760 X 180 and mine on 7680x1440. The HUD does not scale at all and completely cuts off UI elements. The Minimap & HP/shield bar should also relocate to the center screen or be moveable instead of way over in the corners. This makes it a bit tough to play on widescreen.


How do you get the larger size? It won’t let me go over 2000 or so, and I am using a 70" Monitor/TV and running a 1080Ti. Where did you go to increase the res?

Choose the Unsupported aspect ratio

You’re resolution is only going to be able to match that of your monitor. Nvidia Surround is a setup using 3 monitors each with 1920 x 1080 resolution. The 5760 X 1080 is the combination of the width of all three and not a single screen, so each monitor is still only running it’s max native 1920, just 3 wide.

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ok, I figured out what was going wrong. I am using a 70" 4k TV, so I got my resolution up to 3840 x 2160. Seemed that the issue cleared with reinstalling the game.

I raised this with 2K support and they told me to post it here so the developers would see it. I have doubts that will happen.


I’m running Nvidia surround with a 6060x1200 bezel corrected res. The UI system allows me to bring the UI position in towards the center screen but is limited to about the center of each side monitor and then it won’t go any further.
I went into the user config file and there’s a setting for UI position with a set value. So I tried experimenting with it and set it to a lower value then the one it had for a fully moved in UI. On entering the game it didn’t move the UI any further in. And when I checked the config file the value was reset to the default furthest in value.
So it seems the game engine or something doesn’t allow for a centering of the UI elements. Is it a bug, design flaw, or limitation of the Unreal engine itself I have no idea. But it’s a real shame and a step backwards from B2. While not perfect in how it implemented surround (few games are), at least it had a centered UI by default.
While it doesn’t make playing impossible like a fully expanded UI would, I do find I’m not having the complete B3 experience because I’m ignoring a lot of the extra game elements, like using my class skill to its fullest potential and wish there was a fix for it.

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I’ve also been having a problem with the scopes of some weapons, they are stretched out of proportion, turning off fx sharpening doesn’t make any difference. Does anyone have the same problem? Is there a fix for this? Thanks

I just got borderlands 3 and became very sad when I found my monitor resolution isn’t supported on probably the most ambitious games for me since borderlands 2 Witch actually had Hud support for triple monitor setups the hud wasnt all spaced out to the far reach of the outer monitors, it was great PLEASSSS GEAR BOX I need this for the love of Uden and my journey to Valhalla this is a must for my sad life xD

I’ve been streaming in 5760x1080 on twitch. Ya my only issue has been not being able to read the mission dialogs in the mission windows but the audio usually covers everything and you can look it up in the misson log so not that big a deal. Every issue has a work around for the most part.

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Having the same issue, tried editing the ini files with no luck at all. running my monitors on 5924x1080 (bezel corrected) on a GTX 980 strix. at 70 to 110 Fps.

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someone please do something about this, my beloved borderlands 3 :frowning:

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Just adding to the request queue. I love borderlands on three screens but the UI makes it difficult all the time and downright impossible some of the time. Please fix?

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I’m in the same boat.
It is impossible to use the map and the achievment-page.
Also missions … OK I know to accept them by hitting “E”, but …
Please, fix it. Look at the newer games from Ubisoft (Like Division 1/2 etc.) There it is possible to arrange the complete UI on the (selectable) middle monitor whzen using NV-Surround.


Same problem here! Menu items are not visible, buttons are out of the view, the map and quick travel are almost impossible and crosshairs are incorrectly scaled and warped. It’s sad that this problem is still not solved after so long!

I’m adding to this as I’ve managed to play through the missions because you don’t need the full screen to accept, but with the events it’s impossible to see what’s going on when you go to the events screen (far right in the game menu). Please address this so i don’t need to constantly swap between resolutions.

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