5h4d0w-tp Theory

After during the events of Claptastic Voyage, it’s got me pondering what it would’ve been like if we failed this DLC. What would happen to BL universe if 5h4d0w-tp won? I imagine that it’s very likely he would integrate himself with Helios itself, and then conquer Elpis and Pandora. Basically taking robolution on the whole new level?

What do you think?

Did you watch the cut-scene with Sir Hammerlock after finishing the DLC? That was Shadowtrap.

No, that was the Clappy who greets you in the icy plateau at the beginning of BL2.

A lone Clappy with not quite fatal wounds who survived.

Hammerlock fixes him up some, they go their separate ways, Clappy loses his eye to Knuckledragger, enter the Vault Hunters.

Re-read what I said.

“if we failed this DLC”

Is entirely different thing to 5h4d0w-tp sacrificing his remaining life force to save claptrap.


Shadow-TP is just another subroutine, which was made by Handsome Jack to turn Claptrap into Fragtrap. Clappy denied it cause he seen it wrong and dangerous (you can see that at the end again). To me Claptrap is more “human” and moral driven than any other VH in the game. Even STP turns out to be a good guy by saving Clappy at the end. What i cant stand and hate after this DLC is Nisha and Wilhelm, how they laughed and high-fived each other when Jack slaughtered Claptraps. From now on every time i load up BL2, I make sure to visit End Of The Line and Lynchwood so I can unload some bullets into faces of those 2.


Lmao it’s hilarious how weak those two are compared to their pre sequel selves lol like good luck killing Nisha with Tombstone activated lol or a vengeance Cannon Wilhelm

Yeah lol, you dont get the point lol, lol, lol.

Enlighten me then

Im just allergic on loling for trolling. Thats about it. On topic of that post, you cant really compare playing character with an enemy but suit yourself.

If we had failed, Shadowtrap would have taken over the Helios and with the powers of the H-source, he had infiltrated all systems across the whole borderlands universe. To that point, he had made several copies of himself as recovery and would reign the whole universe. The Clappys would be his minions, taking place in the goverments. The claptastic universe!


Robolution 2.0 really. Only this time the W.I.R.E.D. device wouldn’t work.


I dunno maybe something like A.M from I have no mouth and I must scream would end up happening except anyone who survived at the end would turn into a constantly dubstepping miniontrap or something.

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I know, right? Ever since I got Luck Cannon before I ended the game, I just knew that Nisha** would be a beast with it, as well as I’m positively sure that Clappy is capable of being a beast with LC’s random explosive shot if specced right with his Boomtrap tree and Sapper mod, so I had hard time to decide which one to go with, until that scene where Nisha and Wilhelm loled and high 5ed each other after Handsome Jack killed Clappy, it was insta-lose respect for both of them and decided I’m going with Clappy to test out LC.

**I’ve always never respected Nisha since the day one when I learned that she killed Brick’s puppy. It’s just her action skill that intrigue me.


Excellent Harlan Ellison reference!

I cant rememver how or if they explain it in the BL1 Robolution DLC, but is it the H source that starts the original Robolution?

And then Tassiter unearthed it and kept it buried in Clappy as an insurance against Jack?

Hyperion activates a protocol that changes Firestone’s Clappy in INAC because the VH’s were becoming a liability or something. Not sure, haven’t played it in awhile.
■■■■ hits the fan, INAC wants to take over the world but gets stopped offcourse.

Yesh, that’s about right.

Hyperion was ■■■■ scared of the VH’s at that point.

If Shadow would have won the VHs would not have shown up because Helios nor Hyperion would never have invaded Pandora to begin with. And the possibility that Jack and a good portion of most the people would be dead or running away as quick as possible. Pandora and probably a lot of other planets would probably be terra-formed for robots to live in. Think Borg from Star Trek but with Clap Traps resistance would be futile…


Now I had a thought just now. And its 1 theory among many, I know. Yes I know many sections throughout the forum think of that Lilith will turn to evil, or Jack wont really be dead. But HERES a thought, what if, IF, that Shadow somehow emerged back from in the middle of Claptraps subconciousness and took control from Claptrap. That alone could bring WAR on a galactic scale to Pandora and to all the galaxy.