5th Eldrid: What To Expect

Alrighty, let’s look at the current Eldrid we have.


Male, muscular, dwarf.


Female, elvin-like, archer.


Female, bio-glove, gun.


???, mushroom, healer.

All members of the Eldrid carry nature like elements with them, but you already knew that. What I’m here for is to predict what the next Eldrid will be.

We already have a dwarf, an archer, a mushroom, and…Mellka. How do you even describe Mellka? It seems some factions have a character that stands out. For the Peacekeepers, this is Ghalt. For the Eldrid, this is Mellka. So, the 5th Eldrid will probably keep to the nature design. And since every Battleborn is different, we will most likely get a character who has a grappling hook feature, anabling him or her to grapple to other parts of the map. Perhaps this “grappling hook” is a vine. Maybe this Battleborn will have vine powers. Only time can tell.

What are your predictions for the next Eldrid?

YES PLEASE I WANT a graplleing hook and vines powers?! F*** YEAH

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I think we should get a real pet character, such as toby or something.
The Eldrid are guided by nature and because of that we can dream of a real kick-ass beast!!!

But… a GRAPLLING HOOK BRO?!? i like a pet class i main summoners on almost everything

I think that role is perfect for the LLC! :smiley:

I want a witch-doctor/Mage character that calls upon the magical powers of nature to do stuff.
Dark Rain clouds that Slow enemies and does DoT? Lightning strikes that damage and blind? somethin’ like that would be cool.

Another idea would be like a Poison Ivy type character. I just want to sea man-eating plants terrorizing the battlefield. :confused: It’s primary attack can be a Whip (which is made of vines?).

Lastly I would also enjoy an insect-based battleborn. Preferably a Bee or Wasp or Mosquito. A Bee or Wasp character could use like Lances with stingers? Summon swarms…and stuff. A mosquito could focus on life-steal, it would be cool if it has a “blood gauge” or something that when full would transform it into a mutant mosquito for a short period of time (from a nimble fast attacking critter to a large bulky tank).

idunno, those are just random ideas off the top of my head. Eldrids are my 2nd favorite faction after the Rogues. I hope they’re treated well.

I would love it if the last Eldrid character was an insect like alien. Probably based off of a grasshopper then we could have a battleborn that can jump really high. Or maybe he can change size like ant man and his ultimate ability could be called “Squashed like a Bug”.

My last name is Groot, do i need to tell you more…(picture is of Randy)


i thought of a live tree as well but i didnt get up any ultimate

i like that idea again i thought of ant-man and talked with other peps about it but it would be hard to get a small character in the game

a green boy with a djembe drum to create jump pads and healing circles…

OMG this got the guitar that shoots flames in max:the fury road

its not really for the eldirid but we can replace flames with a healing beam or vines

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Or imagine a battleborn with a plant growing from their body and the plant connected to their brain. Then the battleborn could control the plants growth with his mind. He could grow vines to use as a grapple hook and they could also be used as whips as a main attack. Or he could grow thick bark over his body as armour.

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oh ok soo plantmind?

Maybe some Kind of druid who can transform that would be cool too. Every skill is different when he transforms…

What if the character was a mix between a robot and a plant. The character could use both plant and robot based skills and the helix upgrades would be either between upgrading the robotic Or plant based side Of them.


huh i like that idea interesting

Could be a living tree
Or some kind of a golem/construct/thing


There was talk before about a ‘pet class’ character (not marquis) so I have a feeling that one might be the 5th…or I kinda hope because if we could get a kinda glimpse at what the eldrid had to live with wildlife wise, it would be pretty cool. Also it opens a lot of possibilities in my mind ^. ^

Why’s it gotta be something involving wood? Why not some other kind of matter? Like water or stone?

Or just abandon earthly materials altogether and have it some unmentionable horror from the void?

I’ll call him Steve.