5th Tree Speculation

Too early to call, probably. But with a new cryo skill tree I’d imagine that we can also expect a radiation-focused tree in the future. What would you like to see?

Would like to focus on current problems.


I would think Rad as action skill element is a given. What I wonder about more is what colour the tree could be? I’m thinking black could be pretty cool.

I don’t think we need one, but it’s fun to speculate.

Ever since I saw Amara in the reveal trailer, I imagined her accessing a transcended state with her arms form. So I would make her new Action Skill “Phase Pummel”, where you enter a state almost like Brick’s Action Skill in Borderlands 1. While in this state, your speed, resistance, and melee damage and melee speed are increased and you constantly emit your Action Skill Element as an AoE Aura around you, damaging nearby enemies.

The tree would of course give you the Radiation Element. I do want the tree to focus on you building up your energy. So a skill where every time you deal elemental damage of your action skill element, you gain a stack that increases your fire rate and reload speed. A skill if you melee someone inflicted by your action skill element, you gain ammo regeneration. Another skill where your fire rate and elemental damage increase as your action skill is cooling down, having maximum effect when your action skill is ready or is being used. I would also give her a skill that would extend her action skill duration when she kills an enemy.

Variations of her actions kill would be one that would reduce some of the bonuses for the sake of constantly emitting Action Skill Elemental Novas around you. Another one would be removing your ability to shoot in this state, but massively increasing your melee damage and range.

I would give her two Action Skill Augments, one where for each target you damage with your action skill, you gain damage reduction for a few seconds. The other would be for each target you kill, you gain a chance where you don’t consume ammo for a short time, with this effect stacking.

Overall, the skill would synergize DoT damage with Melee damage, and fast shooting guns with fast reload speeds and ammo regeneration. The theme would be around Amara powering up her energy, so I would call the tree “Moxie Burst”. Her Capstone in this tree would be whenever Amara is reduced to zero health, or an ally enters fight for your life, she would get to full health and get her action skill back. Whenever this happens, she creates a gigantic Nova that deals her Action Skill Element. One minute cooldown.